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It\’s been more than three years, then it means that this Devouring Secret Realm should still exist… Fei Shengyu murmured, and glanced at Shanghai from the corner of his eyes, and the corner of his mouth swept up, \”If this kid is sucked into the Devouring Secret Realm, it is definitely There is death or no life, well, you will deal with how to do it.\”

Who are you?Jin Youqian burst out word by word, and every word contained the ultimate hatred, because his few beloved children were abandoned by this person.Ling Jiangchen is my father. Shanghai said.Your father…Jin Yuqian\’s pupils shrank suddenly, his eyes revealed a ray of murderous intent, and Ling Zhantian behind aroused a terrifying aura, which made him unable to restrain the killing intent, his eyes were deep. He glanced at Shanghai, \”It turns out that you are the son of Ling Jiangchen, but you are a bit capable, but you are still far behind your father. If your father knows that his son is so unbearable, will he vomit blood with anger?\” The words are full of words. After talking about the ridicule, he even sneered at the back.I\’m really unbearable, but it\’s enough to deal with these guys of your Golden God clan.Shanghai pointed to the nine children behind Jin Youqian who participated in the Hundred Races Conference, and said loudly: \”Listen, my father gave your parents a nightmare that will never be erased, and I will also let you understand. Meeting me at the Hundred Clan Conference is also a nightmare that you will never forget in your life, and you may even be unable to dream again.\”The voice was loud and trembling.What?All those present were taken aback.At the beginning, there were still people who didn’t understand the meaning of the words. When they reacted, they suddenly understood that this is a book of life and death in Shanghai, a book of life and death for all the children of the Golden God clan, and they are also blunt, let The nightmare of the past continues again.In an instant!The faces of people in the Jinshen line were extremely ugly, especially Jin Youqian, as if he was slapped abruptly, with fiery pain.This remark immediately made the children of the very dull spirits and spirits breathe out. It was cool, so cool. They also heard the deeds of the six uncles mentioned by their fathers back then. At that time, they were overwhelmed by the same generation of the Jinshen clan. Can\’t breathe.Jinyouqian had always been black at the Hundred Clan Conference.Not only the children, but also the elders and the three elders present, as if exhaling a big breath of sulking, comfortable, and after seeing Jin Yuqian’s pig liver-like gloomy face, this feeling was more like It feels like eating ginseng fruit, which is very refreshing, which is much faster than slapping the opponent directly in the face.Ling Zhantian\’s face revealed a trace of rare relief.Okay! Eighth brother said well. Ling Xuanbiao clapped his hands and laughed.Anyway, if we want to fight, let\’s fight together… Lingxuanhao walked up side by side with all his pride.I\’m coming too! Second Brother Ling Xuan Arc also walked up.

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