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Originally, she planned to seek revenge for her father after she had cultivated enough, but who knew that the spirit generals had also disappeared, and they were nowhere to be found.

Four brother, why are you here? Shen Yuan suddenly said.Four brother…Ling Xuanbiao shuddered, because he heard that it was the voice of Shanghai.Immediately after the divine ape\’s figure gradually faded, the appearance of Shanghai was revealed, Ling Xuanbiao was stunned, he stared at Shanghai dumbfounded, unable to speak for a long time.Eight… Eighth brother, is this divine ape transformed by you? Ling Xuan Biao couldn\’t help asking after reacting.Yeah! Shanghai nodded slightly.After getting the affirmation, Ling Xuanbiao\’s face flushed, because he was almost paralyzed by fright just now, and immediately remembered something, he couldn\’t help but patted his head. The city of God is the holy land of ancient gods, and the god ape can\’t be brave enough. Don\’t dare to lurking in hastily.Big Brother, your newly transformed sacred ape, but a sacred ape above Dacheng with back fist? Ling Xuanbiao thought of something, his eyes were hot.Yes. Shanghai nodded.Ling Xuanbiao\’s eyes widened, and his eyes stared at Shanghai weirdly, \”Eight brother, you are such an evildoer, how long have you been learning Shen Yuantong back fist, and you have cultivated to the highest level. If this continues, I am afraid that it will take less than a hundred years, you It can be repaired to the state of transformation.\” As he spoke, his eyes were filled with deep envy.Dacheng?Shanghai was stunned. Obviously, the fourth brother mistakenly regarded him as the realm of great achievement. But it is not surprising to think about it. It is extremely rare for the children of the clan to cultivate to great achievement. After all, every magical skill is not that way. Easy to upgrade.Those with strong savvy can reach minor accomplishments in decades, but it takes at least hundreds of years to achieve great accomplishments. For those with weaker savvy, it is extremely difficult to cultivate a divine skill to great accomplishment, and some may not even be able to achieve it in a lifetime. Reach Dacheng.Except for those elders in the clan who have cultivated magical skills to great success, there are only a handful of the younger generation who can cultivate magical skills to great success.Ling Xuanbiao’s divine ape with the back fist only reached the stage of Xiaocheng. He has never seen the realm of Dacheng, so he will naturally misunderstand him, and even if he does not misunderstand him, he can’t believe that Shanghai will directly practice this magical skill. To the level of Huajing…In fact, Ling Xuan Biao did not know that Shanghai now masters more than one kind of magical skills, but three, corresponding to the three basic magical skills. Perhaps because of the existence of basic magical skills, he is back to the magical apes. The comprehension of the two magical skills of boxing and Tianyu Shenbu was extremely fast, so he concentrated on comprehending these two magical skills in the past three days, and finally cultivated them to the state of transformation not long ago.certainly!Shanghai did not give up on the other six magical skills. He still digested the insights he had obtained before a little bit. As for when he reached the transformation stage, he did not know, but he was not worried. He had three magical stage transformation skills. The second round of the Hundred Races Conference was a big deal.Afterwards!The two of Shanghai came to the hall to converge. After Ling Zhantian solemnly confessed, they took everyone to the Conferred God Platform, where the second round of the Hundred Clan Conference was located. The second and third rounds will be played against each other. First, it is to test the strength of the younger generation, and secondly, it can allow all branches of the ancient Protoss to see the strength gap between the younger generations.

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