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After a while, a fat middle-aged man entered the shop and looked at the young man in the counter. The young man immediately understood and hurriedly introduced Jian Xi and Shen Hongyan to the fat shopkeeper.

He unexpectedly ran here alone, just looking for death… The attendant on the right sneered.But they were only halfway through their conversation, and Shanghai disappeared before their eyes. The next moment, they appeared directly in front of the two, and the five fingers snapped down.Bang…The two attendants didn’t even have the ability to resist, so they were shot and flew out, and slammed into the walls of the God’s Domain Alliance. With a loud bang, they immediately shook many halls of the God’s Domain Alliance, and they practiced and rested inside. After hearing the sound of the strong, they rose to the sky one after another.What happened?do not know……Someone broke in.Who? I\’m so courageous, I dare to come to God\’s Domain Alliance to go wild, and don\’t take a pee. Hearing someone intruded, the powerhouses of God\’s Domain Alliance were as if they were beaten with blood, and they were all excited. The city has been dominating for a long time, and even the Independent Alliance has been overwhelmed by them. It has been a long time since no one has challenged the authority of the Gods Domain Alliance, so they have become accustomed to this feeling.Now that some people dare to provoke, the first feeling of the powerhouse of God\’s Domain Alliance is not that something has happened, but that someone has come to die.In an instant!Many attendants and guards rushed to the gate of the city.At the gate of the city, stood a young man with black hair dancing without wind, his expression was extremely cold, and the pair of pitch-black eyes were full of suffocating silence and full of anger, enough to burn everything. Whenever he stared at him, they all felt the fierce killing intent in their eyes.All the attendants and guards paused unanimously, and the momentum of hundreds of people was actually suppressed by the young man in front of them.Those who dare to hurt us, capture him first, and later shovel him. The leader of the powerhouse was furious when seeing the two servants who had fallen into the city wall, who were already reckless.I come!he\’s mine.After the powerhouses of God\’s Domain Alliance reacted, they scrambled to take action one by one, and all of them were guard-level figures.Shanghai\’s figure moved.The surrounding space was completely distorted, and even cracks appeared. The strong men who shot to kill suddenly felt the suffocation of death, and regret emerged in their hearts. They realized that they had kicked the iron plate. This young man is a terrifying figure.However, it is too late to regret!

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