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When it comes to the middle grade spirit stone, they don\’t have much surprise. However, when it comes to broken thunder Dan, their eyes burst out and their faces showed greed Broken thunder Dan? That is the elixir of Jin level that every friar in Yuanying period dreams of. The great man with Qiu beard has just entered Yuanying period and hasn\’t had time to think about this problem, but the friar with the first name in the middle of Yuanying period has begun to prepare the materials for refining broken thunder elixir. So far, only two kinds of spiritual herbs have been collected, and I don\’t know how far it is from the time of collection.

Who can keep them safe to enter the blood gate? Even those who are strong in the reincarnation mood of the Fourth World Zun are not so sure. There may be a 70-80% probability of bringing two or three people. If there are many people, this probability will drop to about 50%.The 50% chance of death is not low.At this moment, there is a zero percent chance of death, and the price paid is 80% of the treasures obtained in the blood table of the gods. This price is absolutely worthwhile for any strong person, because they don\’t have to worry about falling into the blood door.Nie Yun and the others looked at Shanghai with complicated expressions. Except for a little bit of jealousy and hatred in their eyes, the rest of the strong can only show helplessness, because just now Shanghai brought 61 people into the blood gate safely. It is from the bottom of my eyes.Although they also want to bring more powerhouses, they don\’t have the patience, and the rest of the powerhouses are not fools, so how could they follow them to take risks with a high chance of falling.Shanghai raised his hand.More than 800 strong men closed their mouths one after another, their eyes full of expectation. The one who yelled the hardest did not dare to say a word, lest it annoyed Shanghai, then regret it.I only take 20 people at a time. You should install them in batches, Shanghai said.Huh…According to the principle of first-come-first-served, the strong people present were divided into batches. There were still competitions at the beginning, but after seeing Shanghai frowned, they immediately calmed down.After three breaths, the strong have already divided the batches.After signing a special contract, Shanghai brought the first batch of strong men to the blood gate. Because of the first precedent, this time it was much easier. It took only twenty breaths to get the first The strong critics were sent into the blood sect.After seeing the first group of strong men stepping in safely, the eyes of the other strong men were full of excitement and excitement. Many strong men secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, they did not rush to step in. Otherwise, whether they can survive is still a problem. Now they can be safe. Entering, this made them excited, and at the same time, they were very grateful to Shanghai.Although this is a matter of mutual benefit, in any case, Shanghai has also formed a good relationship by doing this. Many strong people will be grateful in their hearts.More than 800 people!Although divided into batches, the consumption is still not small for Shanghai. After taking half of the people, most of the power in his body has been consumed. If he was not strong enough, it would be really difficult to sustain him.Everyone, please wait a moment, I\’ll recover. After Shanghai finished speaking, he took out five hundred high-grade god sources, crushed them directly, and absorbed the power inside.My lord, please recover.There is still a long time before the blood table of the gods is closed, we are not in a hurry. The other strong men said politely again and again. All the strong are standing in place, quietly waiting for the recovery of Shanghai.A stream of divine origin power is continuously poured into the body, and the blood of the ancient demon flows throughout, constantly absorbing the divine origin power. With the injection of these divine origin powers, Shanghai accidentally discovered that its own ancient demon blood has increased by 100 drops. about.

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