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\”You — who do you say is a dog\’s paw? You –\” Hua linger was so angry that no one dared to insult her in front of her.

The powerhouses at the world-honored level are really terrifying, and there are still four of them. What makes them even more shocked is that these four powerhouses at the world-mind level have even made a special trip to congratulate Shanghai and ran back to their own school. Prepare gifts in the world.After the True Nether God Clan invaded Zhongxuan, the Four Desolation Regions were also affected. There was no such ignorance of the Divine Region as before. Cross-border teleportation requires a huge cost. Now the entire Four Desolation Regions cannot be done. When it comes to cross-border teleportation, because too many resources are needed and too precious, unless all the holy places work together, a teleportation array may be opened, but it can only be opened once.And these four people actually spent huge resources making a special trip back and forth, just to present a gift.In an instant!The eyes of all the strong men stared at the three huge jade boxes, their eyes full of curiosity, and they all wanted to know what treasure was inside.The elder\’s double shadow kept making special marks. Every time it was struck, the elder\’s face became dignified. In a flash, he had already shot a million times. The elder\’s face began to show a camel red color and his forehead oozes. Many cold sweats.Click!Three huge jade boxes were opened at the same time.chant!Three azure blue rays of light mingled with the earth-shaking spirituality soared into the sky. The powerhouses of the Four Desolate Regions had a sting in their eyes, and they closed their eyes subconsciously. Only the more powerful people such as Si Feixuan could barely open their eyes. , See clearly what is in the light.It is three groups of blue streamers, each of which is the size of a fist. It looks magnificent and contains terrifying thickness and solidity, as if ten thousand mountains are blended into it. For a while, Si Feixuan and so on People can\’t tell what kind of treasure this thing is, but they can see that the value of these three blue streamers is certainly high.This is… Huo Lie stared at the three blue streamers, completely unable to recognize it.Thousands of crystals can be absorbed to strengthen the body, consolidate the foundation and cultivate the vitality. If the foundation is not enough, if it is used for training, it can completely stabilize its foundation. A small gift is not a treasure. Wu Xiu explained with a smile. .Wanzhong Liujing…The people present, including Huo Lie, Si Feixuan and others all trembled. Although they could not recognize it, it did not mean that they did not know what Wanzhong Liujing was. It was extremely rare among the ancient books handed down. One of his treasures.For cultivators, these treasures have great benefits. They can stabilize their own foundation. This alone is very exciting. It is important to know that most cultivators’ foundations are not very stable, because of People are constantly pursuing a higher realm, and don\’t care much about the foundation laid at the beginning, and even if they care, there is no way to improve it. After all, the cultivation method in the Great Wilderness World is too bad.Although it can improve faster, the drawbacks are also very serious. People with unstable foundations are easy to encounter shackles in cultivation, and after reaching a certain level, it is difficult to break through. They may be stuck in the original level for the rest of their lives and cannot make progress. It is because of the unstable foundation.Once the foundation is laid, it is difficult to change it unless all cultivation bases are abolished and rebuilt, but no cultivator will do this, so they can only rely on their own luck and find some treasures with a solid foundation to strengthen their foundation. .However, this kind of foundation treasure is so precious. The Great Desolate World will only appear one or two in thousands of years, and it will be taken by the super strong. The rest of the strong can only stare at it, and the Wanzhong Liujing is what everyone knows. ConsolidatePeiyuan\’s top treasure.

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