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\”Shuanger – I don\’t know. I\’m – asking – Jian Xi\’s sister – for confirmation.\” Gao Shuang choked and said intermittently, showing that I still feel sorry at first sight.

Brother Nan Xi, don\’t get angry with him, this kid deliberately caused you to be fooled. Jin Fan hurriedly stopped.Fucked? Hehe, he thought I was a fool. The main things I bought were all useful. Grandpa ordered me to buy them. At most only a few items were unexpected. Don\’t worry, my young master will be slow. Play with him slowly and see how much Godhead he has wasted. Nan Xi sneered.Chapter 1194Every time Shanghai passes a jade terrace, I directly take out two godheads and purchase the treasures inside. Most of these treasures are not used by the strong, otherwise they will not be exchanged. The value of the two godheads is already very high. , And some sharp-eyed senior figures even found that these godheads are extremely pure, and the value of these godheads is much higher than that of ordinary godheads.Pieces of treasures are constantly being accepted by Shanghai, and at the same time glancing towards Nanxi from time to time.Nan breath gritted his teeth and immediately took out a lot of the essence of the gods. He didn\’t have much, but there was enough of the essence of the gods. He immediately ran to the other side and directly bought those treasures. Sometimes Without even looking at it, he pulled out the marrow of the gods.The fight between the two has attracted the attention of many powerful people in the past. When they saw the godhead and the marrow of the gods that they had thrown out, they couldn\’t help but froze for a while, and quickly understood that these two people are in Compete with each other.Where did these two come from?So many of the godheads and the marrow of the gods, obviously come from a lot of origin, maybe it is the descendant of a big man who is very fond of it.Dare to buy it like this in this exchange. These two are bold enough, but they don\’t have a strong enough background to do so.It is estimated that the descendants of the two great figures are breathing.So many godheads and essence of gods, if they were given to me, that would be great.Put away your thoughts, don\’t act on them, or you will regret it too late.Along the way, Shanghai seemed to be walking in a leisurely courtyard, his expression remained unchanged from beginning to end, and the godhead he took out of his hands did not slow down in the slightest.On the contrary, Nan Xi\’s cheeks collapsed tightly, and his expression began to look ugly. Although he said that he would not pay attention to Shanghai\’s provocations, he still couldn\’t help it. Many of the things he bought repeatedly were useless. If Grandpa knew this, Nan Xi\’s expression became even more ugly when he thought of this. Even though he was the most favored, it didn\’t mean that he could be such a prodigal.Gradually, Nan Xi\’s shot became melancholy, and even after a few jade platforms, he didn\’t even see him make a purchase.Why? Can\’t play anymore? Shanghai sneered: \”Don\’t play if you can\’t afford it. Why bother to make a fat man with a swollen face? Just stop it earlier.\”Hearing this, Nan Xi’s lungs are going to explode. He has never suffered such humiliation since he was a child. Even his grandfather would rarely show him a look. The rest of the people are more respectful of him and dare not do anything wrong. Respectful, but since I met Shanghai, I have been deflated many times, and I was beaten to blood in the arena before.hatred!It was the first time that Nan Xi hated a person so much, wishing to smash him into pieces, but he was helpless, which made him so angry that his lungs would explode.

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