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Three people at the table, look at me, I look at you. They all shrunk their heads and didn\’t make a sound. This morning, Gao Shuang also came down for dinner, but no one paid attention to her except Hua linger, when she was in general air.

Your ice soul needle… The old woman stared at Mu Qianhua with an ugly expression.Master sister, do you think I am the same as me? The Seven Evil Young Master has helped me refining the Ice Soul Divine Needle, and under his guidance, I have reached the level of the god general, so I just need to practice another one. For thousands of years, it is not difficult to break through and become a god.Mu Qianhua smiled coquettishly: \”The abilities that the Seven Evil Young Master possesses are beyond your imagination. Tell you the truth, even if the Seven Evil Young Master is only a high-level god, he has the ability to kill top-level gods. …Master Sister, let me give you one more chance at the end, don\’t you submit?\”Surrender? The old woman\’s expression sank, \”Dreaming! You bastard, man, kill you if you want to.\”Hmph, old guy who doesn\’t know what to do, since you want to die, then I will fulfill you. Mu Qianhua snorted coldly, his eyes full of killing out……The Ice Soul needle shot again, this time not one, but forty-nine.Ice Soul Needle is a unique magical skill of Muxue Sect. Although it is only a third-rank magic skill, it has the ability to refine and increase its power. The strongest Ice Soul Needle can even reach the level of the second-rank magic skill. Forty-nine ice soul needles are the ultimate stimulus of this magical skill.Once displayed, even the strong at the same level would not dare to block it.咻咻…Forty-nine Ice Soul needles shot out.The old woman\’s face changed, her arms waved, and rays of sunlight burst out. The power of the top-tier gods collided together, and the rays of sunlight were pierced. Forty-nine Ice Soul needles shot without any hindrance. Coming down, the surrounding void completely shrank into a ball.At the moment of the moment, two old white-haired women rushed out of the hall.Master sister, be careful.Shoot.The two old white-haired women shot again and again, turning into ice ridges, turning the forty-nine ice soul needles into nothingness.Two juniors, be careful, this is a shame, the strength of the person is greatly increased… Mu Zhiyun said quickly, but as soon as he blurted out, an old white-haired woman on the left who had been seriously injured suddenly shot, and one pointed through the other on the side. On the forehead of a white-haired old woman, the latter suddenly fell to the ground, completely devoid of interest.Mu Ye… Third Junior Sister… Mu Zhiyun\’s eyes were splitting suddenly. The change came so suddenly that she didn\’t even react. Suddenly, she saw the white-haired old woman kill and quickly wielded the power of the top-tier god. Boom killed out.boom……The two were shaken back one after another.

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