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\”When you say this, I\’m right, too. Moreover, I don\’t know why, facing you, I actually said all the things I don\’t like to say at ordinary times. I didn\’t even say anything about my family. Why didn\’t I guard against you? If you\’re a bad person, I didn\’t give you everything?\” Jane Xi said with a slight toot of her mouth, although her expression was like this, However, it doesn\’t look angry, but it looks very cute.

Immediately, Shanghai stepped directly into the passage.chant……Jiuyou evil spirit enveloped Shanghai, surrounding him, the divine power that was constantly gushing out of his body was being consumed at an extremely fast speed. Faced with this situation, he did not retreat, his pupils flashed, and four reincarnation moods emerged. Out.The reincarnation of heaven, earth, living beings and world, the four reincarnations slowly surging, aroused a wave of extremely powerful divine might.The divine power is constantly being consumed, and at the same time, new divine power is constantly being stimulated in the body. With the continuous consumption, the new divine power in the body is so thick and thick compared to before. If there is a strong person here, you will perceive the body of Shanghai. In the case of the situation, he would definitely be shocked, because the new power in his body was so much stronger than before.Jiuyou evil spirit tempering!It has existed in the Primordial Era, and there are some talents with extraordinary talents. After accidentally finding Jiuyou evil spirits, they were not scared by the reputation of Jiuyou evil spirits. Instead, they stepped into the Jiuyou evil spirits and tried to control them. These Nine Nether evil spirits.As a result, those strong men failed to find a way to control, but were surprised to find that the effect of Nine Nether Evil Qi tempering itself was astonishingly strong, as if it had undergone a high-intensity training. Of course, this training process is extremely dangerous. , A little carelessness will be eroded by Jiuyou evil spirit.Ordinary people naturally dare not use Jiuyou evil spirit to temper, because they can\’t perceive the process of Jiuyou evil spirit invading the body. The reason why Shanghai dares to do this is because he possesses divine consciousness. In terms of sensitivity, divine mind It is more than ten thousand times stronger than spiritual!Even the slight erosion of Nine Nether evil spirits can be felt by Shanghai in a flash.Divine mind can only be possessed by a divine king, and at a level like the divine king, Jiuyou evil spirit tempering is of little use to them. Therefore, no divine king will run to use Jiuyou evil spirit. The tempered ones can be used to refine the rest of things at most.These Nine Nether evil spirits should not be the purest. If they are the purest, with my realm and strength, they will definitely be corroded by touching them. It is also because they are not the purest, so I can use them to come. Refine yourself. Shanghai Xin said.After about ten breaths, the supernatural power in Shanghai\’s body was about to be exhausted. He quickly retreated and immediately sat cross-legged, urging the realm, and breeding supernatural power to recover.After half an hour.The divine power in Shanghai has been restored to its fullness. Seeing the divine power surging in his body, he couldn\’t help taking a deep breath of cold air. After only ten short breaths of tempering, the divine power in his body was half more than the original one, and it was more powerful than before. The degree of cohesion is higher than before.If you continue like this, it only takes half a month, and I will be able to completely stabilize at the level of the fourth world deity… This is almost equal to a hundred years of hard cultivation. Shanghai trembled.Originally, he was just trying, but he didn\’t expect that the effect of the Nine Nethers\’ evil spirit tempering body would be so strong. After the realm was completely stabilized, he could begin to accumulate.continue!Shanghai continued to step into the passage, letting Jiuyou\’s evil spirits pass by.

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