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\”Jane Xi, what\’s the arrangement today?\” shangguanpo asked, staring at Jane Xi. His eyes were aggressive, which made Jane Xi uncomfortable, but he didn\’t show it on his face.

The last hope was shattered, and Situ Hong was completely desperate.Bold! Get out of the deacon. A burst of anger came from the sky, and then the whole hall burst open, and Gaitian\’s palm fell from the sky, pressing on the Thunder God Spear in Shanghai, and the terrifying power rushed away. The supernatural power condensed above.Bang…The tiger’s mouth in Shanghai was suddenly bloody, and the Thunder God Spear was crushed to almost let go, and the terrifying force that followed, almost crushed his right arm and even his right body, his eyes suddenly drenched, which is high. The power of the rank gods.boom……Shanghai shattered his right arm and walked out. As for the Thunder Spear, he possessed a trace of spirituality. After being shaken off, he returned again and fell into his left hand. Looking at the big hand, he crushed the entire hall into With the fly ash, even the earth sank.An old man in a gray robe stood tall in the air, his skin shining with astonishing brilliance. It was a phenomenon that reached the level of a high-ranking god, and his strength fed back to him. The coercion released by the old man made Shanghai\’s chest even more powerful. asphyxia.Seeing the gray-robed old man, Situ Hong was overjoyed.Deacon Song! Situ Hong hurried over and hid behind the gray-robed old man. At this moment, he was still in awe.Don\’t be afraid, Young Master, Song will help you solve this matter. Deacon Song patted Situ Hong on the shoulder, and glanced at Shanghai in the distance. His eyes showed a hint of surprise and anger. Obviously, he was very impressed. Unexpectedly, Shanghai was not killed by Jie Zhongjie, but survived.You dare to kill the strong in the temple of the gods, you are too courageous, Shanghai, even if you are ranked second on the list of the sky, you will still be punished heavily, don’t hurry up and kneel down and follow me to the elders. The palace leads the crime. Deacon Song shouted.Lead the crime? Shanghai smiled coldly. Although he saw this Deacon Song for the first time, he felt the breath of Deacon Song, which was one of the breaths left in the Palace of the God of Heaven at that time. It was not Deacon Song\’s hand, and it was bound to be inseparable from him.Ignoring Deacon Song, Shanghai\’s figure moved.Taishi nine styles!Seventh style!The Thunder God\’s Spear pointed directly at Situ Hong.Even if you are protected by a high-level god, I will kill you. Shanghai\’s eyes exude endless cold light and killing intent.Seeing that Shanghai did not run away, he was determined to kill Situ Hong. Deacon Song was furious. As a high-ranking general, he was so despised by a younger generation. If Shanghai was really allowed to kill Situ Hong, let alone his face. Sweeping the floor, even this deacon can\’t even think about doing it, maybe it will offend Elder Situ.go away!Deacon Song opened his mouth and let out a sigh of relief. The entire void was immediately suppressed. The power of the high-ranking generals rushed out, and Shanghai\’s body was suddenly shaken and cracked. Suppressed tightly.

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