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No matter how difficult the first-order spiritual herbs are, it is too easy for Jian Xi. At the beginning, Jane Nan still remembered the scene of training her in this link, so this level is also very easy for Jian Xi. She randomly selected three jade boxes and quietly placed three spiritual herbs in them after opening them, which is to prepare for mistakes in purification.

Shanghai opened his eyes and shot out two divine lights that shocked the sky. The thunder spear in his hand seemed to be burning, emitting endless thunder. At that moment, his power reached a peak that was unattainable in the past. Reached the strongest state in his life.Four magical skills of reincarnation!Taishi eight styles!Two supreme magic skills, under the instillation of Shanghai, the Thunder Spear, a semi-imperial weapon, released the strongest attack and killing power in history.Ow…There was a roar that shook the sky, and Shanghai was riding on Long Peng. The two turned into a stunning bronze golden glow, soaring into the sky, and the incomparable power of attack and killing hit the big hand. .boom……The entire Temple of Extinction was completely shattered, and more than 90% of the strong were stunned to death, and some were even shattered on the spot, because the aftermath of the two shocks was too terrifying, and that big hand did not fall again, and It was blocked by the stunning bronze golden light.The power of the high-ranking god king was actually blocked…The remaining strong men looked at this scene in shock.Even the high-ranking god king who took the shot couldn\’t help sticking out his head, that old face was full of horror and disbelief.It\’s a curse to keep you.The voice of the high-ranking god king came with a loud voice, and there was a deep jealousy in his tone, and the big hand that had been stagnant, pressed down again.Bang!Shanghai\’s face was pale, his body suddenly cracked, and blood was flowing. Although he had exhausted all his cards, he was still many times worse than the high-ranking god king. The difference between the two was too big.Qiang Qiang…The sound of the piano suddenly emerged one after another, and I saw that Bi Yuelan was holding the Liuxuan Shenqin, playing a soft music, and the three sounds of the Shenqin on her body appeared one after another. This piano sound did not have any power to attack and kill. On the contrary, it contained an extremely powerful and pure power, which was injected into Shanghai\’s body…Chapter 1382 Six Profound GodsWith the input of this pure power, a more tyrannical force broke out in Shanghai again. When Long Pengang under the seat was shaking his hair, a force of blood belonging to the real dragon hidden in Long Peng\’s body, Suddenly poured into the body.

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