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\”How many spirit stones does it sell?\” Jane Xi asked again. The child said for so long and didn\’t answer her how much?

Possessed…Shanghai took a deep breath. Others did not understand what it meant to possess, but he knew that although this body was his body in this life, it was the same as the previous life, but it was also possessed by the consciousness and soul of the previous life. In this pair.After the reincarnation of the god emperor, he will start to practice again, but compared to ordinary people, the god emperor has the patience and power that ordinary people cannot match. Some god emperor reincarnations can even reach the level of the gods when they are restored. Some have reached the quasi-divine emperor or higher. Lu Dao said: \”The appearance of every reincarnation body of a divine emperor will bring great catastrophe…\”What Lu Dao said can be understood by Shanghai.The god emperor himself has already cultivated to the extreme, and even has insight into many sources. Even the laws of heaven and earth cannot completely limit the god emperor. Even if the god emperor abandons all power and re-trains with his original consciousness, it will be completely complete in a short period of time. Surpass peers, and even leap to a stronger realm.The existence of the god emperor itself is already a taboo in this world. The birth of every god emperor will be accompanied by a waste of life. Although these are not what the god emperors want to see, it is true that their existence is too much. It\’s against the sky.In the Primordial Era, the appearance of every reincarnation body of a god emperor was taboo, and if it appeared, it was bound to be killed by the major forces. Lu Dao said.Join to kill… Shanghai was startled, and at first he didn\’t quite understand it. After thinking about it carefully, he realized it.The appearance of a reincarnation body of a god emperor in a certain era will have a great impact on that era. After all, there are powerful forces in every era, and these forces that have already been at the top will naturally not just look at themselves. The era of dominance was replaced by people, and even finally suffered a crisis of annihilation.Even if the god emperor can\’t recover to the peak state, as long as he reaches the level of the quasi god emperor, it is enough to overlook sentient beings.Chapter 1433Unexpectedly, the reincarnation body of the ancient god Emperor Yu appeared again… Lu Dao sighed.Again? Senior, this reincarnation body of the ancient god Yu, hasn\’t it appeared more than once? Shanghai frowned.Well, it is recorded in some ancient books that it appeared twice in our time. Each time it appeared, it would lead to the destruction of life. Now it reappears and is still in its heritage. If this reincarnated body is restored to sufficient strength, I am afraid it will be difficult for anyone to suppress him in this world. Lu Dao said helplessly.A character who cannot be suppressed will inevitably dominate an era, and the reincarnation body inherits the will and power of the ancient god emperor. In the ancient era, it will basically kill him before he has grown up, otherwise Once it grows up, no one can match it.From Lu Dao\’s words, Shanghai felt a sense of crisis.The birth of the reincarnation body of the ancient god Yu is not a good thing, but it is not what he can care about now. The most important thing is to leave this place as soon as possible. With the reincarnation body of the ancient god Emperor Yu, the inheritance of this place will inevitably be reincarnated. Obtained by the body.Then it doesn\’t make any sense to continue to stay.However, this time Shanghai’s gains were not small. He broke through to the level of the Sixth World Zun and cultivated magic skills, which exceeded his expectations. The only regret is that he failed to enter the inner layer of the inheritance of the ancient god Yu. At first glance, it was mainly because some doubts could not be solved.It is the ancient demon who is comparable to the god emperor, whether it is a real Tiangang or not, although it is very possible, but it may not be, there is also the thunder god emperor, these two people have come to the place of the ancient god emperor Yu’s inheritance, It was definitely not to pay homage to the demeanor of the Emperor Yu of the ancient times, it was very possible that something attracted them.

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