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There are friars walking on flying swords or flying around without the help of any foreign objects. They choose their respective destinations. Jane Xi feels as if she has come to the magical world of Harry Potter. However, friars fly around here, not wizards riding broomsticks.

Strange, why is this ice crystal channel cracked? Bi Yuelan noticed the surroundings, her beautiful eyes showing surprise.It seems to be, Brother Hao, look. Mu Ningxue also pointed around.Cracked?Shanghai had just been in deep contemplation. He heard the words and reacted, looking in the direction of the second woman. It\’s okay not to look at it. Under this look, I couldn\’t help but be taken aback. I saw that the ice crystal channel was full of cracks. The crack is huge, and the emperor pattern above has dissipated.Looking at the ice crystal passages around, Shanghai suddenly realized that this is not a natural existence, but may be man-made. The only ones who can break the emperor\’s pattern are those above the quasi-divine emperor, but Qi Ling is not saying that. The Extreme Ice Emperor Palace has already undergone drastic changes?And that eight-year-old child, between waving his hands, the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace has undergone earth-shaking changes… Could it be that his own illusion is not possible?Huh? Why is there a crack here? Qi Ling suddenly made a voice.I\’m also strange. Shanghai said.This place… seems to be a bit familiar… This is the earliest way, how can it appear here? Qi Ling asked in surprise.Didn\’t you say that Jibing Emperor Palace has completely changed? How could there be the earliest road again? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.No, I\’ve seen it before. The terrain of the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace has completely changed, and there can be no such thing as the oldest road here. When Qi Ling said this, he suddenly remembered something, \”How did you come here? of?\”Through a cold pool.Hold pool? How could there be a cold pool in the Extreme Ice Emperor\’s Palace? Any liquid will be frozen into ice crystals. There is absolutely no possibility that there will be a cold pool, unless… The Qi Ling\’s voice suddenly trembled.Unless what?The Extreme Ice Emperor Palace has been completely reversed, it should be, otherwise there will be no cold pool. This place has actually been reversed… Doesn\’t it mean that the things left by the Extreme Ice God Emperor have already appeared? Ling Shen said.What did the Extreme Ice God Emperor leave behind?You want to know?Don\’t you know? Shanghai asked instead.I don’t know, I really don’t know, but the Divine Emperor of Extreme Ice did leave something, not only the Divine Emperor of Extreme Ice, but also the rest of the Divine Emperor. No one knows the object. Qi Ling said.The rest of the god emperor left things… This surprised Shanghai.

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