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Tonight, she was not in a hurry to make alchemy. She had been on her way for a long time. Her body and mind felt tired. Being too eager to make alchemy could not improve her alchemy skills. Maybe it would be counterproductive. When it\’s time to relax, you have to relax!

No, the original prison king is dead. I don\’t know who this person is. It is placed on the prison king\’s body. Not only does he completely control the prison king\’s body, but he can also know all the prison king\’s memories… Elder Luo said in a deep voice.hiss……The expressions of many senior officials in the Swire Alliance have completely changed.Pinned on the prison king, and also manipulated the body of the prison king, while knowing all the memories, is this still a human? Even though the high-level people present are all powerful people who have awakened from the ancient times, they have never seen or heard of such a person, who can be pinned on the rest of the people.Who is the other party?Helian and the others looked extremely solemn. It was precisely because they could not understand who the other party was and the intention of lurking in the Swire Alliance, they felt uneasy at this moment, and even the two elders Luo were severely injured. Only a few people can match this mysterious man.If this person is still lurking in the Swire Alliance now, it would be a catastrophe for the Swire Alliance. Because this person was absent for a while, it would bring a great deal to the senior level of the Swire Alliance. The threat of, but there is no trace of this person, this is the most palpitating thing.The key is, what exactly does this person want to do while lurking in the Swire Alliance?Plotting the treasure house of the Swire Alliance?If it’s just like this, it’s okay to deal with it. After all, the opponent is only here for treasures, and they will leave as long as they get it. However, if there are other plots that even harm the entire Swire Alliance, it will be quite troublesome. , The other party will inevitably be jealous, and will not know when they will make a move.Trust…Shanghai\’s eyes flickered and he couldn\’t help taking a breath of air-conditioning. He lowered his head and began to meditate on the spot. After a while, he walked to the edge of the pit, and the Eye of the Sky suddenly opened. After staring down for a moment, he slowly put it away. .Just as Helian and others were frowning, Shanghai said, \”Elder He, where are the three controlled gods?\”Helian has lived for so many years. Hearing these words, he suddenly felt something, and couldn\’t help asking: \”What did Wenzong see?\”It is still impossible to verify. If you can see the three controlled gods, you should have a chance to verify. Shanghai said.Yeah! Helian nodded and said, \”Wenzong, please come with me.\”Immediately!I drew a mark at random. It was a kind of void teleportation mark. This is a method that high-level enchantment masters only understand. A teleportation array is condensed into the body, and it can be teleported extremely far in an instant. See the complexity of the mark. , Shanghai is estimated to be extremely remote.呲…A light gate opened, and Helian led the ten core executives to step in first, followed by the three people in Shanghai. After stepping in, the light gate completely disappeared.

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