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The round platform is so large. Although there are very advanced arrays, there is no such Xumi space array. The host explained that the area of the heaven and earth house is nearly ten miles when it is really launched, which is very huge. One of the reasons why it can enter the auction house.

Shanghai said: \”In the ancient times, there was a quasi-divine emperor level alchemy master who occasionally captured a badly wounded starry sky ancient beast and refined it into a kind of ancient beast pill. After it was swallowed by people, someone It straddled three realms in a row.\”Upon hearing this, Ling Xuanhao and others were shocked.Big brother, what do you mean…we have been eating this so-called unrefined ancient beast pill in the source area? Lingxuan Fox trembled.Yeah! Shanghai nodded.For more than a hundred years… we are all eating… no wonder…Hao\’er, Grandpa Pill knows a little too well, but when I take so much, my physique should be unbearable. After more than 100 years of accumulation, the power contained in the body will be beyond imagination. With our body, fundamentally Can\’t bear so much power, even if it has been digested for more than a hundred years, it is difficult to digest so much. Ling Zhantian said.Although Ling Zhantian was originally only in the Great Wilderness World, and the people and things he came into contact with were far less than those of Shanghai, he was old and naturally had much more knowledge than Ling Xuanhao and others. According to Shanghai, it would be equivalent to a person. Ordinary people have abruptly endured the power of a god, even if the god keeps refining for him, he will end up with this ordinary person to death.This is the situation of Ling Zhantian and others. They eat a lot of the flesh and blood of the starry sky ancient beasts, and the undigested power contained in their bodies is bound to be extremely astonishing. It is fine in the source, because the power is suppressed and cannot be emitted. , So they are intact, if they are distributed, they will inevitably explode and die.Grandpa don\’t need to worry, in fact, you have already digested all the power of the ancient starry beasts, otherwise your realm will not skyrocket. Grandpa, have you forgotten those ichthyosaurs?Shanghai said: \”In the beginning I didn\’t know the effects of these ichthyosaurs, but then I suddenly remembered that when I was in the source, I gave the starry sky ancient beasts a thousand ichthyosaurs, but when I saw them later, these starry sky ancient beasts The size of the beasts has increased by more than two feet.\”The starry sky ancient beasts are in the sky, feeding on various things, and some even swallow the stars, so every starry sky ancient beast will have extremely terrifying power in its body, but because of their special physique, they are suppressed. So I guess that these ancient star beasts need ichthyosaurs because ichthyosaurs can help them digest the power in their bodies. Similarly, grandpa, you ate a lot of ichthyosaurs in the source area, and these ichthyosaurs should help you digest them too. The accumulated power is just that you can\’t feel it because of the suppression of Source, you just feel that your own strength is growing.After listening to this explanation in Shanghai, Ling Zhantian and others finally understood. This is because Ling Zhantian and others have improved so much, while Lingxuanjian and others have not improved much, because they have never eaten the starry sky ancient beast. Even if you eat ichthyosaurs, you don’t have the power to digest them.The same is true for the clansmen of the six tribes. They ate a lot of ancient starry beasts, just because their strength has not improved much. It is probably because they eat too many ancient beasts of starry sky. They have been passed down through generations and have long been adapted to the power of ancient starry beasts. , A lot of power is lost invisibly, not like Ling Zhantian and others, most of the power remains in the body.This is like taking a pill. If you eat too much, the body will naturally reject it, and the effect of the medicine will get worse and worse.All the people of the spirits and gods have reached the level of the fifth world noble and above. This is a great thing for the spirits and gods, especially the spirit of the sky. At first, I was still worried about how to gain a foothold in the current spiritual realm. Now there is no need to worry.With the current ability of the spirits and gods, as long as it doesn\’t match the top forces, it is enough to protect itself.Hao\’er, we are currently looking for a place to stay temporarily, and then make other plans. Ling Zhantian said.Yeah. Shanghai nodded.There are too many people in Lingshen\’s line, it is impossible to carry them all the time, and he has to go to Zihu to see how Mu Ningxue is doing, so he must first set up his grandfather and others.The spiritual realm is too big, but there are people in every area. Shanghai suddenly remembered a place, that is, the extreme ice sea area where the Death League is located. There is the territory of the Death League, but a terrifying extreme erupted in the extreme ice palace. When it was icy, some changes took place in the extremely ice seas.

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