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At midnight, Li Siyu opened his eyes and stared at the wooden shed.

The reincarnation body of the Emperor Tianyu would not be merciful because the emperor Sheng Tianzhi was a descendant of her own. Those who can live to reach the level of the god emperor are almost extinct people, not to mention the descendants of an unknown number of generations, even if they are their own direct descendants, in order to reach a higher level, they will be mercilessly beheaded. .Do you want me to help you destroy the origin of the god emperor? Shanghai stared at the emperor Sheng Tianzhi and asked.Yeah! The emperor Sheng Tianzhi nodded slightly.You look up to me too much.Shanghai smiled freely, \”The origin of the god emperor is in your blood. No matter how strong I am, I can\’t help you destroy it.\”You can\’t do it, but the ancient body can. Said the emperor Sheng Tianzhi.Ancient body…Shanghai smiled slightly, staring at the emperor Sheng Tianzhi, \”You mean you helped me get out of here, and I helped you find the ancient body and let her absorb the origin of the god emperor in your body?\”Yes, the ancient body can absorb the power of the world, and the origin of the god emperor will certainly be able to suck it away. Without the origin of the god emperor, I can leave the Tianyu imperial palace. said the emperor Sheng Tianzhi.Even if the ancient body can suck your Divine Emperor origin, do you think Tianyu Imperial Palace will let you go? With your ability, can you fight the entire Tianyu Imperial Palace? Shanghai frowned and asked.Are you caring about me? The emperor Sheng Tianzhi asked without answer, her beautiful eyes staring at Shanghai with complicated eyes.In this regard, Shanghai did not answer.It\’s impossible to fight against Tianyu Imperial Palace. You don\’t know the horror of Tianyu Imperial Palace. Even the Supreme God and Demon Palace cannot compare with it. If it weren\’t for Yao Supreme, the four imperial palaces would have ruled the spiritual realm long ago. Do you think the four imperial palaces were squeezed out of the upper heaven of the gods? But the four imperial palaces found something…It is said to be related to immortals. \”It\’s related to immortals? Shanghai was startled.Well! I didn\’t find out what it was. Although I am an emperor and seem to have a lofty identity, in the Tianyu Imperial Palace, it is only a chess piece. The emperor Shengtianzhi smiled bitterly. Then he said: \”I have no plans to fight against the Tianyu Imperial Palace. As long as I get rid of the origin of the god emperor, there is a way to prevent the four imperial palaces from finding me.\”Shanghai did not answer, but looked at the emperor Sheng Tianzhi.Tell you the truth, Tianyu Imperial Palace has long found the traces of Babuwang and others. And this time, it is not only the hands of the reincarnation body of the Tianmu Divine Emperor, but also another Yin Ming Divine Emperor. The reincarnation body, the reincarnation body of the Yin and Underworld God Emperor possesses many peculiar abilities and can find your traces. Of course, it’s just not completely accurate, but it’s going to be very fast, and it will be completely found in a day at most. Your traces. Said the emperor Sheng Tianzhi.How do you help me leave?I have my own way, it depends on whether you want to. The emperor Sheng Tianzhi said while looking at Shanghai.

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