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If Li Siyu doesn\’t go, he can go. That\’s paid!

It seems that we don\’t need to act. The leader\’s voice was hoarse.It turns out to be a lonely Taoist friend of Longxie Supreme Palace. Babu Wang arched his hands and smiled.The reincarnation bodies of the four god emperors in the Longxie Supreme Palace…The expressions of the seniors in the Huntian Emperor Palace are as ugly as they are.The appearance of Babuwang and others has already pushed the Huntian Emperor Palace into a desperate situation, and the appearance of the four reincarnation bodies of the Longxie Supreme Palace is simply adding to the situation, and the Huntian Emperor Palace has fallen into an inextricably dead state.It\’s over…The Emperor Huntian Palace is over…Under the aura of Babuwang and others, the high-levels of the Emperor Huntian Palace are full of despair. Faced with so many reincarnations of the gods, even if Shanghai is strong, they can’t fight them, unless these people Willing to be one to one.Even so, no one can withstand the wheels of the battle.The situation suddenly fell. Although the extermination had stabilized the situation below, the impact of the situation above was enormous. Especially the high-levels of the Emperor Huntian Palace had no intention of fighting anymore. The Supreme Palace of Gods and Demons was oppressed.The thirteen reincarnation bodies of god emperors all stared at Shanghai and others. The pressure brought by these people was extremely terrifying. The space around Shanghai had already been completely shattered, and all the pervasive power was emptied.Kaka…Under the pressure, the bones of Shanghai made a creaking sound.This pressure also affected Yun Xianluo and the others. Under the suppression of their opponents, they had already begun to be at a disadvantage. Although they were not defeated yet, if the world prolonged, they would surely suffer damage.Palace Master, when I take action, you will immediately take Girl Mu and leave… Uncle Duan gritted his teeth. He knew very well that the Emperor Huntian Palace has fallen into the final stage of life and death, and it is still a situation that must be lost, thirteen people. The reincarnation body of the god emperor, who can match them?Uncle Duan swallowed a bit of blood, and the emperor patterns in his body surged out.At this time, one hand blocked Uncle Duan.Palace Master… Uncle Duan looked at Shanghai in amazement.My relatives and all my friends are here. If I leave with Ningxue and they all die here. I won\’t feel at ease in my whole life. Since they are here, it would be great, and it would be a saving. I\’m going to find them. Shanghai looked at Tianyu God Emperor and others in the distance.Suddenly!Shanghai rises from the sky, one step across.

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