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His head was wrapped in a dark blue scarf, his face was covered, and only a pair of big eyes leaked out.

This — mother yuan hesitated for a moment. While she wanted to believe Jane Xi\’s words, she was afraid that she would be disappointed again. However, looking at the crying child in front of her, her heart seemed to be corrected into a ball, which was very uncomfortable. \”Well,\” Yuan Ma promised. \”I ask you, what is the name of my daughter\’s primary school teacher? How is she now? What did my daughter buy for the teacher when she graduated from primary school?\” asked yuan ma. \”My primary school teacher is a female teacher with glasses. Her name is Zhang Han. She committed suicide and died the second year after my primary school graduation. She is very kind to me. I can dream of her for many years after graduation. When I graduated, I had no money and pooled money with my classmates to buy her some pairs of socks.\” Jane Xi said slowly as she recalled her hoarse voice. \”Ah!\” mother yuan and father Yuan were stunned. It\’s not bad at all. No, I have to ask again. \”Is the classmate you used to fight with in primary school a boy or a girl? What\’s her name? What happened to you later?\” Yuan\’s mother then asked. She asked about her daughter\’s childhood, which her grandson Xinyu didn\’t know. \”She is a girl named Zhang Hailing. She lives near our house. We always fight at first, but later we gradually become good friends. I once lived in her house for some time.\” There\’s still nothing wrong. \”Let me ask you, what do you shout every time you go home after you get married?\” \”Is old yuan tou at home? Why did Mrs. Jiang go? It\’s usually her father. He replied: Mrs. Jiang went out to farm.\” \”My daughter has a birthmark. Where is it?\” \”At the bend of the left leg, it looks like a pig\” \”My daughter was in danger several times when she was young, but she saved it?\” \”Once, while you were asleep, you swallowed some pushpins and went to the hospital. People said that the child was too young to take it out. They had to see if the child could pull it out. As a result, I pulled it out. Another time, grandma Zhang saw me in the nursery. When the power was cut off, she put the candle next to my pillow. I couldn\’t turn over yet. She just knocked the candle over with her waving hand and knocked the quilt over And the pillow were ignited. Later, when I put it out, there were big bubbles on my face, body and arms. You thought the child was finished, but I put some badger oil on it. It was all right. There was no scar. These are the two things I know. \”Jane Xi gradually stopped crying, and her voice tended to be normal, remembering and telling. \”Is it true? Tell me, when you were in primary school, once our newly produced cat was dying from rat poison, and you couldn\’t cry. What did I say to you?\” this question is a little difficult, because after so many years, who still remembers one of them? It\’s good to remember it, but it\’s just easy to remember, and when you grow up, She also mentioned it to Yuan\’s mother, who had forgotten it, and Yuan\’s mother had unconsciously changed her name to \”our family\” and \”you can\’t cry\”. These changes were natural and she didn\’t notice them. \”I think you forgot about it at that time, but I remember it very clearly. Later, when you mentioned it, our cat ate rat poison outside and went home, but it was dying. I cried there. The cat\’s pupils spread and couldn\’t see anything, but my head still meowed at me, and I cried even more. How can you coax me It\’s not good to coax, so you had no choice but to say at that time: if I died, would you cry like that? I told you this later as an interesting story when I was a child. \”Jane Xi said here, tears fell down again, and she described the details clearly. Chapter 80 dad, mom, I\’m your daughter \”Are you really dressed in colorful clothes? You\’re not dead?\” Yuan\’s mother and Yuan\’s father have also burst into tears. Yuan\’s mother trembled her hands, took Jane Xi\’s hand, asked her to get up and sit next to her. This time, Jane Xi didn\’t resist, stood up obediently and sat on the other side of Yuan\’s mother. \”Mom, I\’m really dressed in colorful clothes. I left three letters and left. I didn\’t want to die at home or see you sad. So when I saw that my body couldn\’t support it, I found a small hospital to live in until the day of death.\” \”But what\’s going on?\” although the old couple believed that Jane Xi\’s words were true, they didn\’t understand what was going on. They were atheists like the two old Jane family, which had something to do with their childhood education. Suddenly they couldn\’t accept it.

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