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Then he frowned. The rice was broken and sticky. Bai blind, this delicious pork!

Oh? I\’ll try. as soon as Jane Nan\’s voice fell, a translucent shadow appeared in front of Jane Xi. \”It\’s OK, that\’s great\” Jane Xi shouted happily. \”Where is this? The aura here is much stronger than that outside, eh? What is this? I feel the familiar fluctuation. Why is this Lingquan so familiar? I think it\’s the source of water spirit?\” Jane Nan said in surprise. \”Well, I think it should be. At that time, I took shuilingyuan into this place, but the space was not as simple as it is now,\” said Jane Xi with a smile. \”This — this is your — your space?\” asked jannan strangely. \”Well, the Heirloom given to me by my grandmother, chaos bead, water spirit source, chaos fire, soil, and the small sapling growing from the mysterious seed, I think it should be a sapling. There is no basis. Intuition, because it swallowed the seed of a conjoined tree. I think it should be a sapling. There is a strange metal and my original Golden Lotus ring \”This space\” Jane Xi explained simply. \”Oh? Yin Yang and five elements?\” said Jane Nan. \”Well, exactly. I think the chaotic beads are yin and Yang, and there are five elements of treasures. In addition, my original Golden Lotus ring is also a much higher space magic weapon than the storage ring. I think all these can form today\’s space?\” Jane Xi said proudly looking at her own place. \”I didn\’t expect you to get so many treasures that are hard to find in the world. It\’s all Providence. Although you were born in this era of the end of the law, God didn\’t treat you badly! Poor grandpa just regretted for you. It seems that it\’s superfluous. You have such a great chance. It\’s your blessing. You may not be able to go further in the future. Alas, my Jane family It\’s my Jane family\’s luck to have such descendants, \”Jane Nan sighed. \”However, Xi\’er. How do I feel that this place should be called a newly formed small world. There is something wrong. The five elements are not very stable?\” \”Well, the five elements are barely made up, especially the metal property. I think the grade of that metal is still not enough?\” Jane Xi said with slight regret. \”Metallic?\” Jane Nan murmured. After thinking for a while, her heart moved, and something appeared in front of Jane Xi. \”This is –\” Jane looked at the strange thing similar to ore in front of her. \”This is a piece of Seven Star meteorite gold, which I got in my early years. It\’s very rare. At that time, there were many dead people for this thing, but I was very lucky to get it. It\’s an excellent material for refining weapons and array plates. Normally, as long as a little bit of rice grain is added to the weapon blade, the spirit weapon can be raised to an equal level, whether it is sharp or solid Come on. And this one is the size of two fists. I think it should be a starting point for the stability of your small world. Take it and refine it. \”Jane Nan said carelessly. \”Is this — too precious? Grandpa, it doesn\’t need to refine the array plate. How can I give it to Xi\’er? Xi\’er, no, although my place is not too balanced, it\’s enough.\” Jane shook her head reluctantly and didn\’t take this seven star meteorite gold. \”Silly boy, Grandpa, how can you refine the array plate? Grandpa, these things are for you, but most of them are not for you now. When you have enough cultivation, I will give them to you. This seven star meteorite gold is what you need now. It\’s just suitable for you. Take it. It\’s useless to put it here.\” Jane Nan said with a kind smile. \”Grandpa, I\’ll find a way to reshape * * for you. You\’ll use it,\” Jane Xi said hurriedly. It\’s very uncomfortable to see Jane Nan\’s appearance. \”I don\’t think it\’s possible to keep the spirit in this world now. It\’s lucky to be able to keep it. Your small world has a much stronger aura than the outside world, which is more conducive to nourish my spirit. Grandpa won\’t stay in the ring in the future. In your small world, that seven star meteorite gold is regarded as Grandpa\’s investment. How? Don\’t think you owe Grandpa, in fact, you don\’t owe grandpa What, you took grandpa out of the undersea cave, let Grandpa leave the prison where he stayed for more than 1000 years, and let Grandpa see your descendants of the Jane family. You don\’t know how happy grandpa is. Even if the spirit dissipates immediately, grandpa won\’t feel sorry. So, children, we are a family. Don\’t calculate the accounts so clearly, practice well, OK Good to learn the array grandpa taught you. You don\’t have a master. You need someone to teach you a lot of things. You are very smart. Grandpa believes you will be trained into a generation of array master. When you have the ability, help Grandpa. Hehe, don\’t say anything else. Now your cultivation is still very low and everything is still immature, so you just accept it Well, let\’s start refining now! \”Jiannan\’s translucent shadow sat by the stream, where the spiritual power fluctuation had been with him for more than 1000 years. He felt very kind, looked at Jianxi gently and said. \”Grandpa, Xi\’er is wrong, Xi\’er is in phase, and now Xi\’er will refine the Seven Star meteorite gold.\” after Jane Xi said, she sat on the fertile black land and gave directions to the Seven Star meteorite gold. This time, the small world did not take the initiative to absorb it. Watching the Seven Star meteorite gold gradually fade away in front of her, a feeling hit my heart. Although the small world is not perfect, it has enriched a lot of feelings, and the breath of the small world in front of me is more harmonious. Except that there are no plants and animals, it is not much different from the outside, but the aura is much more abundant than the outside.

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