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Here you are. Li Siyu has no feelings for such people and doesn\’t want to make deep friends.

In the past two years, they haven\’t found out. In fact, many people around them have moved one by one, saying that they have gone to work in other places, and that they have disappeared one by one. They say that they have moved their whole family, or to their son\’s city, or to their parents\’ hometown. In short, many people have unknowingly left people\’s sight and never appeared again, What is left is only the complaints of some people. How did once good colleagues, good friends and good neighbors change their phones after they left? Why didn\’t they contact themselves once? How could they not find out? Most people don\’t think these things are strange, but they forget Ben. A few people doubt it, but they can\’t turn up any big waves. In this year\’s capital, the air is getting drier and drier. There is no snow in a winter. It is dry and cold. Near the Spring Festival, there is a strong smell of new year everywhere. Jingda also appears very lonely during the holiday. Without everyone\’s knowledge, many advanced hardware facilities and scientific research equipment in the school have been quietly transported away. Including a large number of books and materials. And those students with excellent grades at home on vacation also welcomed groups of strangers at home. They were taken away by force, intimidation, coercion, or all kinds of means that can cover up some facts. It is even said that some disappeared families were taken away by the police because they violated the law, resulting in the family\’s reputation. But what\’s the point? These are small things compared to life, aren\’t they? Jian Xi\’s family is in H City, but they are ready to meet the last Spring Festival before the disaster. After the new year, all the family will move to Kun garden. Although most of them will go to xuanqiu star, today\’s earth. Not to mention full of holes. It is also full of disasters. No one can guarantee that there will be no danger in their place at the next moment. In the past two years, after completing one year\’s study, Jane Xi. She doesn\’t often appear in school. Although the school life makes her linger. But she has a greater responsibility. She opens the portal every six months and practices. The aura of the capital has dried up. Even if there are two or three gathering arrays, it is not enough for one practice. There is no way. There is no reason for Jian Xi to stay in this place. Only in H City, there is a micro spirit vein under their small bay, which supports everyone\’s practice, including Liu Tianhao, Jiang Fenglong and others, Anyway, there are enough places here and the environment is good enough. There is no overflow of aura in the spirit gathering array, which is enough for these people to practice. Everyone has made more or less progress. There is a sense of urgency in everyone\’s heart. They have a nostalgia for the planet that has lived all their life, and they also have a trace of unknown fear for the upcoming rotating mound star. Therefore, improving their strength has become the only way for them to deal with this fear. Maybe if they have enough strength, they can overcome this fear? After more than two years of practice, Jian Xi\’s strength has just broken through to the middle of the golden elixir. Xinyu has reached the full foundation period. Without the golden elixir, he can\’t make gold. Jian Xi can gather all the materials to refine the golden elixir, but at her current level, she still can\’t refine it. There\’s no problem with the elixir during the foundation period, but the golden elixir is like a Kaner, Never walk past. Fortunately, except that Xinyu is facing the problem of knot Dan, others are nothing, so she is not in a hurry. Take your time. This kind of thing is not in a hurry. On the contrary, the more urgent it is, the easier it is to make mistakes. Moreover, the amount of elixir grass for her practice is not endless. There is no special suburb in Xiyuan that can accelerate time and plant growth. If spiritual plants are planted, they will grow step by step year by year. The total amount of Kunyuan is also very limited, so she has only refined it more than ten times, and she dare not waste it after failure. However, the success rate of pills during the foundation period is very high. This is thanks to Jian Nan\’s teaching all the time. Although he is not a master of alchemy, he also understands the key of alchemy. Only by laying a good foundation can Jian Xi\’s future development be more smooth. Yuan\’s father, Yuan\’s mother and grandma Fang entered the early stage of foundation construction. Grandpa Jian refined gas on the ninth floor, and Jane Xinyi\’s qualification of water spirit root made her successfully enter the middle stage of foundation construction. While the speed is remarkable and the qualification is excellent, it also needs the logistics supply of Jianxi Zhuji\’s various Peiyuan pills. Other people, Xinwei, entered the eighth floor of gas refining. If men also entered the sixth floor of gas refining, Wu Jingyuan learned after the college entrance examination that Jian Xi was not studying in Beijing University and that there was really no way to practice there, so she took the initiative to go to a very ordinary university in H City, just to have enough aura at home and enjoy the life of the University. As for what school? The end of the world is coming. Does it matter what school? Liu Tianhao\’s talent is really good. Now, after two and a half years of cultivation, he has reached the fifth level of Qi refining. Because of the different status of his family, most of his immediate relatives have entered the Kun garden, leaving only a few mainstays who are still in their own posts and can\’t be withdrawn first, and the last batch have entered the Kun garden. Jiang Fenglong\’s ability to practice depends on Liu Tianhao\’s relationship. It\’s the so-called exposure. Fortunately, he is also a monk in the third layer of Qi refining. His family had planned to let him enter the Kun garden first, because everyone doesn\’t know what sudden abnormal conditions will appear around him. Danger lurks around everyone. Without agreeing to Jiang Fenglong\’s request, his family sent him to Kun garden in advance. All the people in the \”Fairy Garden in the garden\” of the \”East Lake bieyuan\” in H City, except Jian Xi, will enter the Kun garden after the Spring Festival. One month later, Jian Xi will open the Kun garden portal for the last time and deliver the last batch of materials and personnel. Before the deadline, the Kun garden portal will never be opened again. At that time, before the portal is closed, all the monks will gather outside the Kun garden and be ready to transmit into the spinqiu star at any time, so time is very urgent. Jian Xi entered the Kun garden on New Year\’s day and looked around. Yu Muyang and Yan Yong had already passed the customs, and both of them had achieved great accomplishments. It was impossible to further improve in a short time. They both settled down, consolidated their accomplishments, and helped the sect move. After hearing that Yan Yong left the customs, Shao Jie came to his son again and said he had killed the mother and daughter, but he didn\’t say that Shao Yanshuang was not his own daughter. What\’s the reason? It\’s probably his pride. After all, the green hat is really strong. Although everyone who knows is dead, it\’s over.

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