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Seeing that she didn\’t speak, the old lady said, look at those cubs. Who has your sharp point? Go out to the city. It\’s not edible.

Am I dead or alive? Ruan Shaohua was puzzled for a moment. Looking at his bones buried, he was so uncomfortable. After thinking about it, he said, \”forget it, it\’s no use writing.\” Ruan Shaohua\’s voice was a little sad and vicissitudes. \”Well, Jane Xi, I\’ll bury your bones now.\” Jane Xi buried the big pit with magic power, and then cut huge stones from the wall, cut them into plates and spread them on the ground. Now it looks like it\’s just an empty stone chamber. Ruan Shaohua said with a wry smile, \”girl, you\’ve done it thoroughly. If my spirit is not still here, I\’m afraid I\’ll never find a trace of Ruan Shaohua\’s existence in the world.\”. \”If the elder said he didn\’t leave his name, what\’s the use of having a tombstone?\” Jane Xi didn\’t know that Ruan Shaohua felt uncomfortable and deliberately said his words very indifferent. \”Yes! As long as my soul grows up and becomes a spiritual body, it should not be a dream to give up and rebuild. Girl, you have given me hope,\” sighed Ruan Shaohua. When Jian Xi heard this, her heart was also stagnant. She cherished the fate. Grandpa was a spirit body. Unexpectedly, she received another soul here. It may also be a spirit body in the future. Alas, what is she There\’s really nothing here now. In order to make Ruan Shaohua feel better, Jian Xi cleaned the whole cave with the dust cleaning formula, and described an automatic cleaning array with the array pen. The array can automatically absorb the aura free in the air as the power. In this way, if the array is not damaged by external forces, it will never stop running. Chapter 449 Tiancheng in distress After leaving the cave, Jian Xi appeared outside the stone wall, took out the heaven and earth house, and then called the God of war and Xiao into it. Sitting cross legged on the carpet, Jane Xi began to check her harvest and clean up the fruits of the day. The corpses of monsters and beasts were treated outside the heaven and earth house for a while. The spiritual medicinal materials had been gathered together for a while to see if people could enter the Xiyuan star. If they could, they would be planted. Of course, they also included those ordinary spiritual plants, but there was nothing in the Xiyuan realm. Finally, Ruan Shaohua\’s ring. Originally, Jian Xi didn\’t want to move it, but Ruan Shaohua said that there was an ancient book recording many rare spiritual plants. The purple fruit tree was one of them. Without this ancient book, Ruan Shaohua didn\’t know the purple fruit tree, so he suggested that Jian Xi take a look when she was free, It should be good for her. In addition, there is a jade slip, which records Ruan Shaohua\’s understanding of the fairy grass secret place during his 70 years in the secret place. It should be helpful. These two points had to let Jane Xi open the ring. However, Ruan Shaohua\’s spirit was still there, so the imprint in the ring did not disappear. With the help of Ruan Shaohua, Jane Xi took out these two things. Ancient books came second. Jian Xi first looked at the jade slip and was very careful. Most of them were recorded in Jian Xi\’s own jade slip, but a small part of Jian Xi didn\’t. for example, Jian Xi\’s current position. The current location of the camp is the unclear area recorded in Jian Xi\’s original jade slips. However, the situation around here is quite detailed in Ruan Shaohua\’s jade slips. What kind of spiritual plants grow in which area and what kind of guardian animals are there. It should be several levels. But this level must not be that accurate, because the strength of monsters is also growing. But it\’s strange, although every hundred years. The fairyland will be open for a month, and the spirit plants in it will be picked. Monsters can be killed, but I\’ve never heard of any kind of monsters being extinct. Is the vitality of monster so strong? Combining the contents of the two jade slips into one, Jane feels relieved. In the next time, with this most complete map, her harvest will be even greater. Put away the jade slips. Jane took a look at the ancient books next to her and thought about it. Let\’s practice first. Cross your knees and settle down. She will easily enter the state immediately. There was a silence in the room, and the God of war and Xiao also lay down beside her. I don\’t know why. The two beasts practiced around Jane Xi, and their speed was several times that of usual. Therefore, whenever Jane Xi settled down, the two beasts also depended on her and her side. Jane Xi was used to it. I don\’t know when. The God of war and Xiao stood up almost at the same time. Jian Xi also woke up from calmness. Their reaction was not normal and their cultivation was over. But awakened by the situation outside the array.

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