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Elder sister, I can eat whatever I want. Li Siyu didn\’t want to take advantage. After all, the original owner and her mother didn\’t trouble the Yang family less before. They didn\’t give less food.

You want to search the soul. If you wronged her, she will be useless. Tong Junlan disagreed in his tone. \”What? Jian Xi, you bitch, you want to search my soul? Why? You vicious woman\” Wang Qianqian changed her face and said angrily after listening to Tong Junlan\’s words, with a trace of guilt in her tone that ordinary people can\’t detect. \”Shut up, make a noise\” Mo Yun can\’t see it. Some people say that Jian Xi is not good. Her cold eyes are like electricity. A finger wind has made Wang Qianqian shut her mouth. Wang Qianqian\’s eyes at Mo Yun are full of grievances and asking for help. Mo Yun doesn\’t even look at her. She looks at Jian Nan who looks like a smile, and Jian Nan also looks away, He looked at the dark clouds with a cold face and lips, and his eyes were full of ridicule. Wang Qianqian looked at Jian Nan and ignored her. A trace of resentment flashed in her eyes, but then she looked at Tong Junlan. Such a performance made Tong Junlan slide down three invisible black lines. Did Wang Qianqian forget that the dark cloud just ended her father? How long are her brain circuits? Jian Xi looked at the scene that appeared in an instant and said with a smile: \”you don\’t have to search the soul, Wang Qianqian. You don\’t have to be afraid. After that, you won\’t be crazy or stupid.\” after that, she turned her head to Tong Junlan and seemed to ask for his advice. Chapter 539 women\’s jealousy Tong Junlan thought and asked, \”really?\” Jane Xi nodded gently, looking very serious. \”Well, let\’s start now.\” Tong Junlan no longer said anything, but nodded and agreed. He has been observing the reaction of Xinyu and their four people. He saw that they looked like normal and didn\’t show guilty conscience. He couldn\’t help believing that this was Wang Qianqian\’s pollution, because in his opinion, the people in Binghan palace really didn\’t need to do these things, To kill an unrelated sanxiu. Jane Xi moved gently, came to the center of the hall, knelt down in front of Wang Qianqian and stood in front of her with a smile. Wang Qianqian didn\’t believe what Jane Xi said at all. She looked at Jane Xi with fear, hatred and hatred deep into the bones. This kind of vision made Jane Xizhen very speechless. The hatred was really mysterious, didn\’t it? No longer say anything, looking up at Wang Qianqian, who looked up at her, the soul pulling formula has begun to work. In other people\’s eyes, she didn\’t do anything, but only Wang Qianqian saw a strange scene, that is, Jian Xi\’s eyes are like two deep pools at the moment, and they don\’t see the bottom. Then I feel that there are two deep places, which are constantly attracting and pulling her, The next moment she sank into the darkness. When she saw the light again, there was a voice in her heart saying, \”the woman in front of her is her master, and everything about her is her master. She should always be loyal to her, without any disobedience, otherwise she will be doomed.\” These voices lingered in the bottom of her heart, as if for thousands of years, and as if for a moment. This feeling has been deeply branded in her purple house and the sea, which can no longer be erased. So these, in other people\’s eyes, are just a moment\’s things. Everyone just sees Jian Xi coming to Wang Qianqian. Wang Qianqian raised her head and looked at each other. Wang Qianqian immediately closed her eyes. But he opened his eyes again, but his eyes were less vicious and afraid. A little more calm and respect. However, under the manipulation of Jane Xi, this silk was different and was not found by others. It was just found that she had no previous expression distorted by malice and calmed down a lot. Jane Xi smiled and began to walk around her slowly. As she walked, she asked word by word: \”Wang Qianqian, I ask you. Where did you go after leaving juxianlou yesterday?\” \”I went to a house in Dongcheng,\” replied Wang Qianqian. \”What are you doing there?\” Jane Xi asked curiously. \”There are some monks I support on weekdays, and they will remove some of my thorns for me.\” Wang Qianqian replied calmly and naturally, but Tong Junlan frowned on the throne. \”Jian Daoyou, ask how many people they have and what accomplishments?\” Tong Junlan couldn\’t help interrupting and asked. \”OK, as you wish,\” Jane Xi replied with a smile. The beautiful smile made Mo Yun swallow a mouthful of saliva deeply. This woman, don\’t you know how to restrain her peerless face?

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