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The old lady patted the door angrily, Oh, I don\’t know anything when I\’m old. Hurry into the house.

However, although the scenery is good, it can\’t be entered by others. When Han Xing led Jane Xi into it, Jane Xi obviously felt that she had passed through a layer of water ripple like prohibition. The level of prohibition is so high that Jane Xi can\’t arrange it. Just think about it, it must be level 9 prohibition. Jane Xi took a look at the calm letter star. His master is really powerful! \”What am I doing?\” Han Xing felt her eyes and asked. \”Your master is really powerful. Was the prohibition level 9 just now? You\’re really lucky,\” Jane Xi told the truth. \”Yes, it\’s a nine level ban. Are you lucky? You don\’t know that when I was able to inherit the master, I almost died here. I passed the master\’s tests at all levels.\” Han Xing didn\’t go on, but Jian Xi can imagine that Qi Jie Han Xing must have experienced thousands of difficulties and dangers to finally get this great opportunity. Jianxi\’s small hand held Hanxing\’s dry big hand and silently gave her support. Hanxing looked at Jianxi more softly. Yes! I am lucky. I not only got the inheritance of the master, but also met her. This woman I can\’t let go and forget. She has been trying to help herself. He knows that she is behind. He wants to make himself stronger. Only when he is stronger can he protect her. Yes, I\’m in charge of the world. She\’s in charge of beauty. In fact, he knows that she just wants his man to be a strong man. That\’s all. He can do it. Chapter 638 \”ugly\” daughter-in-law meets father-in-law (1) Jane Xi stood there, and all the attention and spirit that had just been attracted came back. Although the old man opposite was haggard, yellow and thin, tall but skinny, and sitting upright, his undulating chest proved that he could maintain such a state, which was not a small consumption. \”Dad, you should lie in bed,\” Han Xing said. Although Qijie Xunyuan did a big mistake for him, that is to marry a wife like Liu Peirong, he has been very good to him since childhood. If it weren\’t for his isolation, his mother wouldn\’t have been killed by the bitch Liu Peirong, because Qijie Xunyuan had been protecting her all the time. He doesn\’t want to be jealous of him all the time, so he speaks with respect now. \”No, I\’m just meeting my daughter-in-law. Only in this way can I pay attention to others.\” Jane Xi didn\’t expect Qi jiexunyuan to answer like this. In her impression, according to what she had heard all along, Qi jiexunyuan was also a very proud person. He was talented, smart, decisive and handsome. That\’s the dream lover of many female practitioners on xuanqiu star, Although he has been tortured for so many years, his temper and character should not change much. In Jian Xi\’s guess, he is a demon sect leader who has been in power for many years. When he sees Jian Xi, he will have the aura and Yu Wei of the superior, but he will never think of it. He just answers in Mandarin when he sees his future daughter-in-law as an ordinary old man. Although it was beyond her expectation, it did not hinder her etiquette. After seeing the ceremony, Jane Xi was no longer nervous because of Qijie Xunyuan\’s attitude like an ordinary old man. \”You listen to the letter star, your name is Jianxi?\” Qijie Xunyuan asked gently. \”Well, yes. Uncle, I was not from this planet, but there was a disaster on our planet. The only remaining monks came here by taking the transmission array left by their ancestors.\” Jane Xi briefly introduced her origin. These things are not explained by Hanxing and Qijie. Letter star rescued his father, in fact, he didn\’t really get along with him for long. He went to find Jane Xi day and night. So in most cases, one is not sure whether to talk to his father, the other is. I don\’t have time to talk to him. So Qijie Xunyuan also knew that his eldest son fell in love with a female monk. The female monk\’s talent was no worse than him, but he knew nothing about the rest. I owe too much to my eldest son. Qijie Xunyuan felt guilty if he hadn\’t been confused by the bitch\’s beauty. He and his wife, as well as his son, a family of three, an immortal life! But they were destroyed by themselves. I am nearly 200 years old now. Mei Yulian, the mother of Han Xing, has been afraid to have children in order to help her govern the demon gate and consolidate her position in the gate. She is afraid that after the child is born. Some people hold their weaknesses and can\’t let go. But when they were all ready and had the eldest son, Qi Jiexing, they didn\’t expect to meet Liu Peirong, a bitch, when they went out. At that time, they were seriously injured and couldn\’t resist Liu Peirong, who had a relationship with her. Then they woke up, but Liu Peirong said she was still an unofficial woman, At that time, even though I knew that she had practiced Meishu, I saw that she had violated other people\’s clean body. She really liked herself, and took care of herself until she recovered. All kinds of things let him take her home.

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