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Chapter 30 financial statements

\”Are we going to stay here? Hasn\’t your sister been found? Although I don\’t know what he did, even if the people in the city Lord\’s residence didn\’t find out, they will always check this person? Aren\’t you afraid she will be followed?\” Fang Yang asked softly with a pick in his eyebrow. \”Hehe, we know Huolan. If she didn\’t get rid of her tail, she wouldn\’t run back even if she lost her life.\” Wu fan didn\’t speak yet, but the big man on the side responded. He nodded and Fang Yang was relieved. Fang Yang could see that this group of people had deep feelings. They usually did everything collectively. They did a lot of big things in the Hunyuan mansion. Otherwise, the price of Tong wanted would not be so high. You know, ordinary friars in Lingwu territory It\’s just more than 100000 yuan or hundreds of thousands of yuan, but each of them has reached the price of one million yuan. \”Well, little brother, come with me.\” The big man looked at Fang Yang, said a word, then turned and left. Fang Yang also followed him. Fang Yang knew that his current situation was actually under house arrest in disguise, but there was no way. Who said his strength was inferior to others, so he had to wait quietly. When the big man left, Fang Yang lay in bed and began to think about today What happened. \”Four Dharma green clouds.\” reciting the name silently, Fang Yang flashed a fine light in his eyes: \”what kind of strange door and treasure can have such powerful power.\” Fang Yang paused and then smiled: \”These people are brave enough. According to what they said before, these four methods Qingyun should be the treasure to be given to Hunyuan mansion, and even to Tiance mansion. If they dare to rob this kind of treasure, they are not afraid to digest it.\” \”those who are brave and timid to starve these days, our brothers have come through ups and downs for so many years, and there is nothing they dare to do.\” However, just then, a voice suddenly came out of the door. Seeing this, Fang Yang smiled bitterly: \”please come in.\” \”bang.\” the door was pushed open, Wu fan\’s figure came in quietly, and then slowly came to Fang Yang. \”What\’s the matter with brother Wu?\” Fang Yang asked with a raised eyebrow. \”Anyway, the little brother saved our sister, so I\’m here to thank you.\” After taking a look at Fang Yang, Wu Fan said faintly. Listening to Wu fan\’s words, Fang Yang sneered in his heart. His intuition told Fang Yang that things were not so simple. Although Wu fan seemed to be a chivalrous martial artist, it was not so. This can be seen from Fang Yang\’s saving their sister and his house arrest here. Fang Yang\’s favor for him It\’s not high. \”I bought it in Qingyun chamber of Commerce before. It\’s precisely because of this thing. Duan yuan\’s idiot son had a dispute with me, so I\’ll give it to my little brother.\” after taking a look at Fang Yang, Wu Fan said faintly. Then, Wu fan\’s hand trembled, and a jade pendant appeared in Wu fan\’s hand. Looking at the jade pendant, Fang Yang raised his eyebrows: \”what\’s this?\” \”Wuxuan exquisite pendant.\” Wu Fan said faintly, \”this thing can withstand the full blow of the peak friar in the concentration period!\” hearing the speech, Fang Yang flashed a fine light in his eyes. Unexpectedly, this thing has such effect and must be of great value. You know, the things sold in the strange gate and treasure Pavilion of Qingyun chamber of Commerce started with millions of Xuanyuan.

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