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Back in the office, Hao Jianhong and Chang Xueqin were there.

\”Stop!\” Meng Xiong\’s face was majestic. The air and hell were full of momentum and close to Fang Yang. Chapter 133 I could save her. Meng Xiong secretly said bad when he noticed the ferocity of the green Bull Demon in Fenghai county. The strength of this big demon is really strong, and Xu Wei in the early stage of the empty underworld can\’t cope with it. Meng Xiong, who loved his daughter dearly, flew out directly and came to the depths of the green Beast forest. The empty and dark realm is powerful, mysterious and powerful, and can take off and gallop. Therefore, Fang Yang and his team arrived around the pool four days later. He didn\’t come here in half an hour. While still in midair, Meng Xiong saw what was happening here. Although I don\’t know what\’s going on, when I saw that Xiao Lin was hijacked by Fang Yang, I was anxious. It was a roar containing soul shock. Immediately, Meng Xiong fell straight and appeared in the middle of the crowd. After Wu fan saw Meng Xiong, their faces changed greatly. \”Just at this time, what should I do?\” Wu fan was burning in his heart. Meng Xiong\’s appearance was unexpected to them. Seeing that Xiao Lin\’s life was in front of him, Fang Yang could instantly kill and avenge his brothers as soon as he started. But now after Meng Xiong appears, does he dare to do it? There is no doubt about Meng Xiong\’s strength. The great power of the later stage of the empty and dark realm is expected to break through and reach the early Yang realm within a hundred years. This kind of qualification is rare in Hunyuan mansion. Much more powerful than Xu Wei and Ling Chen of Huoyu County! Even if Fang Yang killed Xiao Lin recklessly, none of them could escape. Under the oppression of the great power of the empty and dark realm, they would be destroyed into slag in an instant. Fang Yang was shocked when he saw Meng Xiong, and his expression became ugly. Only Xiao Lin was overjoyed when he saw this. Ignoring his sloppy appearance with tears flowing at this time, he hurriedly shouted, \”uncle, help me! Help me!\” Xu Wei also shouted, \”brother Meng, you\’ve come so well!\” Meng Xiong looked around coldly with a heavy face. When he saw the body of the green Bull Demon, his expression stagnated and seemed surprised. But then I saw Fang Yang and Xiao Lin again. \”Where\’s Xueer? Where\’s Xueer?\” his daughter is what he cares about most. \”Xueer is fine in the carriage. Shibo, save me. Now the green Bull Demon is dead. Take his heart blood and use it as medicine, and I can save Xueer.\” Xiao Lin said quickly.

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