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Moreover, Li Siyu has not planned not to work. At this time, workers are very popular. If a little gossip spoils the work, the gain is not worth the loss.

Xue\’s tomb itself impressively exists like a corpse! Fang Yang was creepy. He had never seen a living person like this. \”Jie Jie, are you afraid? It\’s over now. No one will ever live if you see my true face!\” Xue tomb smiled coldly. At first, it was nothing to have a cloak covered. At this time, the cloak was opened, and the laughter matched his appearance at this time, making people seem to be standing in the underworld, and the cold ran up from the bottom of his feet. \”I began to learn martial arts at the age of seven. When I was 13, I accidentally entered a dangerous place and got the\” corpse soul formula \”from a dead bone From then on, I absorbed blood food and reached the realm of emptiness and darkness at the age of 40. Only after that, my flesh and blood dried up and was eaten back by the skill. Later, I learned from the skill that unless I refine thousands of blood corpses, I can recover my body, otherwise it will always be like this. \” \”But as soon as I refined a city, tens of thousands of people were chased and killed by the Longyuan Dynasty. As long as I capture the ancient cave here, I can easily refine tens of thousands of people! I can soar to the early Yang state and become the overlord of the generation.\” Xue Mu pointed to Fang Yang: \”you boy, you are destined to be one of my blood corpses.\” He punched the black corpse on the chest. He saw the black corpse\’s body tremble, his dark face and mouth open, and a black bead rushed out. With the black bead rushing out, the black corpse\’s body melted quickly, just like a stone thrown into a fire. In a moment, it turned into a pool of dark smelly mud, all over the ground. Fang Yang\’s pupils shrank and stared at Xue Mu\’s hands On the black beads. The black beads as big as longan are not remarkable, but they emit a dark light, and a deep, cold, dark air is revealed, which vaguely wraps the whole side hall. As soon as the bright light in the side hall darkens, it seems to become a ghost place. Xue Mu raised his hand and threw the black beads into his mouth, and the black beads into his mouth into a black air The smoke rushed into his chest and abdomen. The black and white Qi wrapped around Xue\’s tomb, and then Fang Yang was stunned. After the black beads entered his belly, the black and white Qi shrouded Xue\’s tomb. His originally dispirited flesh and blood body expanded rapidly, his flesh became full, and his hair became black. In a moment, Xue\’s tomb was like a corpse , he has become a decent middle-aged man. On the surface, it\’s really difficult to connect him with the old devil who smelted more than 100000 corpses. \”Jie Jie.\” Xue Mu moved his body, seemed to feel the surging power in his body, and looked happy, \”In my soul nourishing pearl, there are more than 100000 people\’s wronged souls. I had to collect tens of thousands of people to take them before I can rejuvenate my flesh and blood. Now it can only last for about half an hour.\” \”but it\’s enough to deal with your boy. As long as you kill your boy, you can\’t catch the refined blood corpse in the future! The amount of more than 100000 is nothing.\” Xue\’s tomb was full of flesh and blood, and his breath became more and more thick. When the voice fell, he waved his hand, set up his five fingers, and grabbed Fang Yang. \”Soul swallowing palm!\” as soon as the palm strength came out, the black and white Qi twined in the palm, turning into a dense prison and enveloping Fang Yang.

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