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Returning to his residence after work, Li Siyu burned hot water and took a bath in the space.

\”Eldest brother\” sun Manzi shouted sadly. They also know the hatred of Zhan Chu, but their own strength is too poor. Even Zhan Chu failed to succeed, and they can\’t help any more. \”Fang Yang, aren\’t you very good at medicine? Help me see how eldest brother is and whether he can be saved.\” Sun Manzi said eagerly. Fang Yang was silent and hesitated for a while, which was the truth: \”there is a way to regulate.\” sun Manzi\’s eyes lit up, but Fang Yang\’s subsequent words made their minds sink again. \”Most of your injuries are between the sea and the inner house. As long as you abandon your cultivation and let the inner house and the sea collapse, most of these injuries will not remain. Supplemented with pills, you will be fine in 30 years.\” Fang Yang said. This is the best he can do. Normally speaking, judging from Zhan Chu\’s current injury, it is extremely incredible that he can live now. After all, there are a few strands of pure Yang, which is the means used by martial artists in the early Yang territory to kill! Even if Zhan Chu can force out all the breath by his own strength, Most of his accomplishments are going to be destroyed. Zhan Chu must have known this for a long time, so he has been enduring it. Abolishing accomplishments? It\’s worse than killing a man with a deep blood feud! Sun Manzi obviously knows this, so they can\’t even say words of comfort. Once they can\’t revenge, it\’s really difficult to live with their eldest brother\’s temperament \”Don\’t worry, I won\’t die for a while and a half.\” Zhan Chu smiled and relaxed the atmosphere. \”Moreover, there is one thing that worries me most.\” he looked at Fang Yang: \”I\’ve heard of your deeds before. I know how you are. In addition, I\’m very optimistic about you because of the barbarian\’s words and your actions, so I don\’t hide anything from you.\” \”In those years, there were two people in the war family. One was me and the other was my sister ten years younger than me.\” \”sister?\” \”I\’m a direct generation of the Zhan family. My sister was only a few years old when she left. Now thirteen years later, she should be as old as you. If I mean, if you have a chance to see her in the future, please take care of her for me.\” Zhan Chu Cheng said sincerely. \”Why me?\” Fang Yang wondered, \”Besides, isn\’t there a little four in there? His mind divination can\’t be calculated?\” Zhan Chu shook his head: \”Little Four can use the technique of heart divination. Are there still few people who can use it by niansheng Zong of Tiance mansion? My sister has a special constitution, which is incomparable to ordinary people. When I was deeply hurt, I happened to meet a strong and beautiful woman who took my sister\’s constitution and took her away in person.\” \”I can\’t see through the strength of the beautiful woman in those years, but at this time, whatever you think should be the level of the early Yang state. A martial artist in the early Yang state will naturally have the means to hide my sister, so the heart divination is useless.\” \”as for you, I don\’t know why. I always think you have to go more and have more knowledge in the future. Maybe you will meet by fate.\”

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