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Looking at the spotless desk, he knew that Li Siyu was busy. At least he was a diligent child.

\”What\’s the matter?\” \”Chunyang Bodhi.\” Feng Wuji said seriously, \”we found the whereabouts of Chunyang Bodhi.\” \”Chunyang Bodhi!?\” Fang Yang was surprised and looked strange. He had just heard about Chunyang Bodhi in front of him. He actually found Chunyang Bodhi in the mountain range. Chunyang Bodhi is very effective, especially for Fang Yang, who practices the mysterious Qi of Chunyang. At first, he also entered the mountain with a few thoughts, but he also knew that it was not so easy to get it. Chunyang Zhenzong has mastered this mountain for nearly a thousand years, but few people have ever found and swallowed Chunyang Bodhi. \”You got Chunyang Bodhi?\” Fang Yang asked. Feng Wuji smiled bitterly: \”of course not. Although we found the whereabouts of Chunyang Bodhi, we can\’t get it. There is a Fire Kirin guarding the Chunyang Bodhi.\” \”Fire Kirin? Ancient alien Fire Kirin? Shouldn\’t all these ancient monsters have completely perished?\” Fang Yang exclaimed. That day, when he met a fire dog with Fire Kirin blood in Guya mountain, he was extremely powerful. If it was really Fire Kirin, who could defeat him? \”It\’s not the fire Unicorn that can destroy the sky and destroy the earth in ancient times. It should be a left over hybrid blood, but it is indeed a fire unicorn. Its cultivation is at the level of half step early Yang, which is comparable to the martial arts in early Yang. The pure Yang Bodhi has four Bodhisattvas on it, which should be what the fire Unicorn swallowed when it wanted to break through early Yang.\” Feng Wuji explained, \”Previously, we accidentally bumped into the fire Qilin and fled in a panic. It was in front of Qian\’s family and long Weijun.\” At the thought of this place, Feng Wuji\’s face was gloomy. Fang Yang nodded. It was no wonder that he was just a hybrid blood. However, the big demon of half step chuyang, especially this kind of alien with many ancient big demon blood, can\’t cope with it. \”Fire Kirin and Chunyang Bodhi are in a crater 20 miles away from here. Chunyang Bodhi grows on the red rock wall, and the Fire Kirin is hidden in the magma.\” Feng Wuji said, \”if you are interested, I can fight with you!\” Fang Yang turned his mind and nodded heavily after half a ring: \”seek wealth and danger! Go and have a look.\” Pure Yang Bodhi is a rare treasure that can be met but not sought. If you can take it, it will be of great benefit to Fang Yang\’s strength! Even if it doesn\’t work, Fang Yang\’s ability to run for his life is not small. When you see Fang Yang\’s response, the wind is traceless. Fang Yang saved his life and avenged the people of the Feng family. If he doesn\’t say anything, his heart will end The meeting was a little upset. Later, they didn\’t leave in a hurry. Feng Wuji collected the bodies of the Feng family, cremated them, put away the ashes, and waited for them to be buried in the Feng family\’s Mausoleum after returning to the Feng family. After all this was ready, the three people fled far and left here. Along the way, Fang Yang also knew the woman\’s name, Feng Xiaojiu, who was a girl He is a member of the direct family of Feng family. His accomplishments are also quite good. He has the level of the later stage of the empty and dark realm. He is also very grateful to Fang Yang. Not long before they moved forward, they came to the crater mentioned by Feng Wuji. \”Chunyang Bodhi is inside, but once we get close to the crater, we will startle the Fire Kirin in the magma.\” Feng Wuji has already had experience, he reminded, \”The peak strength of the Huo Qilin\’s empty and dark realm is not for fun. If I fight against it, I will lose if I can withstand 20 moves at most. Even if the people of my Feng family can compete with it, it can\’t be its opponent. After all, this place is its natural home place relying on magma. It\’s half immortal with the help of the power of magma.\” Fang Yang also remembers that the fire dog was reborn in the fire slurry, even the fire dog with a trace of blood, not to mention the descendants of fire Qilin

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