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Tao Dan didn\’t insist either. Her home was quite far from here. She got on her bike and left.

In this vast Longyuan mansion, there are not only wilderness, but also green mountains, green water and desert grassland. There are various landscapes. The scope of this place is no less than that of a mansion of the Longyuan Dynasty. It can be seen that the Longyuan mansion is powerful here. With the flashing of several transmission arrays, a continuous number of martial artists also enter it. The martial artist on the unparalleled side of the dragon. Here After entering the mansion, Gu Kang looked around at the ten people of Chunyang Zhenzong and shouted to the people of niansheng Zong over there: \”there is a God in the horse! Don\’t you know the heart divination? Don\’t you use the divination to find out the whereabouts of Fangyang thief! We\’ll kill him immediately!\” At the thought of Fang Yang, Gu Kang could not hide his anger. Ma Youshen gave him a cold look: \”who do you think you are? I\’ll use it if you let me use it? Hum, old Gu, it seems that you haven\’t figured out the situation yet. Now it\’s you begging me! Kneel down and knock two heads, and I\’ll help you find it.\” \”you want to die!\” Gu Kang was furious, and his whole body was filled with pure Yang and mysterious Qi. \”Why?! I read Sheng Zong and was afraid you wouldn\’t succeed!\” Ma Youshen closed his eyes, but a golden vertical pupil appeared in the middle of his eyebrows. As soon as the vertical pupil opened, a terrible pressure swept out. \”Stop!\” he saw that the two sides were about to fight, and a leader shouted, \”We all represent the great prince. Do you want to fight inside before we make a big deal?\” hearing the unparalleled name of the dragon, a look of fear clearly appeared on their faces. Then their breath moved and instantly converged. Gu Kangsen gave Ma Youshen a cold look: \”I\’ve written down this time! Since you don\’t want to use your mind divination, I don\’t need you. Let\’s go! Anyway, Longyuan mansion is so big, I don\’t believe I can\’t find the whereabouts of Fang Yang in three months!\” after saying that, he galloped out with nine Chunyang real people and left here in a moment. \”Old man.\” Ma Youshen sneered, \”If they hadn\’t suffered from Fang Yang\’s great disaster, they would still be huddled between the mountain gates now. How could they take refuge with the Dragon unparalleled prince? It\’s loyalty. It\’s useless!\” elder brother, won\’t we find Gou Sishui? \”Said Zhu Wang, a short and fat young man of the Zhu family. Ma Youshen didn\’t speak, and Gou Yiyi, with a stiff face, replied,\” unload the mill and kill the donkey. \” \”I still understand.\” Ma Youshen chuckled and said calmly, \”anyway, they can\’t run away in the Longyuan mansion. Fang Yang\’s group still has something to do. Let them fight and fight first. The more things they get, when we kill them at one stroke, they will all become ours. Why not save some Kung Fu?\” On hearing this, Zhu Wang smiled, \”it\’s also a truth.\” as for how to kill Fang Yang and others, they didn\’t care at all. Who can kill the three elite of niansheng Zong here? \”Let\’s not forget the people of Chunyang Zhenzong. Don\’t forget the instructions of the eldest prince. It\’s more convenient to complete their tasks first and start later.\” The commander spoke again. Although the people of several large doors here didn\’t care about the commander of the Longyuan Dynasty, they couldn\’t ignore the words of the great prince. They nodded one after another immediately, so they went one after another and began to complete the things explained by the great prince

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