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Two little boys were captured by a handful of sugar, but looking at the little girl far away from her, Li Siyu knew that the girl was very cautious.

Wild as a mountain, vast as a sea! His face was full of murderous thoughts, and his eyes were almost completely golden. He stared deeply at Fang Yang and others, and couldn\’t hide his anger. \”I want you to die!\” as soon as the word \”death\” came out, it was like a wind and thunder riot. A strong wind rushed towards the people. Fang Yang and others trembled. They felt that they were in the midst of the strong wind and could hardly resist it. They also stood up one after another and lined up with Fang Yang as the center. \”Anyway, Lao Tzu\’s Revenge has been avenged. What\’s terrible about death?\” Leng humed sun Manzi. Even so, his body surface was attached with a broken limitless God of war armor. Xin Guihua and Gou Sishui are standing on sun Manzi\’s side, while Fang Yang\’s other side is Shuiqian. Seven people lined up to face the strong wind. \”Death can\’t weaken our spirit.\” Fang Yang said in a deep voice. The nine palace sword was in his hand, even if he didn\’t continue to urge the sword intention and sword Qi, but as long as Fang Yang was still breathing, the sword in his hand wouldn\’t be put down! Fang Yang was determined to die, but his breath became more and more prosperous. The Dragon peerless looked at them quietly and sneered. The dark Qi burst all over his body and the blade in his hand was high. A golden sword Qi was attached to the blade, and there was a dragon shadow between the sword Qi. It was magnificent and the sword Qi trembled. Before it was released, people could clearly feel the fierce hegemony of the sword Qi. Once it was released, the world would be dark and the sword Qi would be destroyed, The situation of Fang Yang and others at this time must be irresistible. Boom! The majestic energy burst open. Before the Dragon cutting sword in longwushuang\’s hand was cut out, the ground hundreds of steps away from the left of several people suddenly burst open, and the earth and rock in the canopy were lifted out and flew straight hundreds of feet high. With this roar, the two figures also fell on Fang Yang and others one after another. The sword Qi on the dragon\’s unparalleled cutting Dragon Sword suddenly disappeared. People\’s eyes swept over the two figures, and then they were stunned. Long Moyu, my life! These two figures are the two of them. \”What\’s going on?\” Fang Yang wondered. No matter how they looked, the injuries suffered by the two men were extremely heavy. Their breath was listless, and 80% of their dark Qi dissipated. Especially in that war\’s life, they were immortal. At this time, a big hole was cut in their chest, and they didn\’t recover.

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