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It was only for the sake of everyone being a secretary that she approached Tao Dan on her own initiative.

The water mist in front of him dispersed and the scene was clearly revealed. The Dragon Court in the distance was right in front of him. It seemed even more luxurious and dazzling. Wang Shui explored carefully and suddenly caught a trace of the breath left by Xiao da. He instantly locked the breath and followed it all the way. In front of the court door, he felt the lingering breath and looked straight. He was thinking It was Xiao Da who came here all the way, but when he really saw the scene in front of him, Wang Shui\’s body suddenly tightened and was shocked. In front of the Palace door, Xiao Da\’s stone sword had been arbitrarily discarded. As for his body, it was caught by a hazy body. When Wang Shui saw it, the figure was eating Xiao Da\’s body like a ghost Wang Shui was frightened and trembled. At this moment, the figure seemed to notice. He suddenly looked up and saw the corner of his mouth on his spirit. Although he could not see clearly with a layer of gauze on his face, his blood red mouth was covered with blood and flesh, and rushed straight to the eyes of Wang Shui\’s spirit. \”Ah!!\” A scream came from the empty water lake. Wang Shui, who had been exploring in front of the water mist, trembled like a madman. It seemed that he had encountered great fear, screamed desperately and wanted to escape. But his whole body seemed to be wrapped by invisible ropes and was being dragged into the water mist. \”Wang Shui!\” Zhao Xian was shocked and hurried up. When Wang Shui was about to enter the water mist, the water vapor in his palm turned into a sharp light, and he cut it out with a sword. Pooh. Blood spurted. Wang Shui probed into the right arm between the water mist and was directly cut off by Zhao Xianqi. After the broken arm was pulled by inertia, Wang Shui finally broke away from his previous line, fell to the ground and screamed desperately. A moment later, his head fell Crooked also fainted. Zhao Xian looked around and saw that he was bleeding from seven holes, his eyes were blind, and he knew that the spirit in the sea was withered, like a candle in the wind, and was about to go out. What\’s the matter? Zhao Xian only felt that his back was a little cold, and his heart was inexplicably cold. Wang Shui\’s spiritual attainments, although they were nothing in the nether passage, were in the Mingyue lake He was a first-class man. He had never missed. But in front of him, it was more than a miss. He almost lost his life. What kind of danger did he encounter before he ended up like this. The rest of the people gathered around one after another and looked at it. Their faces were also a little serious. \”We use Xuanqi to help him heal. When he wakes up, ask him what happened.\” Zheng Wanli said. Several people nodded and shot one after another.

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