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The whole body\’s blood was also this tragedy, which frightened Shen Ling at that time.

At the thought of the heavy losses in World War I today, sun rukong was a little worried. Two of the top 100 of the five dragons died. He was also deeply hurt. He was deeply hurt by the blood shadow. He was strong enough to attack. He was afraid that it would be difficult to recover after a few years of cultivation. In the distance, there was a sound of galloping in the distance. Sun rukong and the three were all looking tight , then he saw the volcano Tongyu come out. He was fierce and looked around. He didn\’t see Jiang bieshu\’s body. He was a little stunned, but then he saw Fang Yang and Kuishan. He immediately raised his eyebrows: \”two evil demons! Collude with each other and die for me!!\” as soon as he moved his mysterious Qi, he wanted to take action. Sun rukong shouted, \”stop it for me!\” Tong Yu\’s attack stopped. Seeing sun rukong\’s appearance, he was shocked and hurried up: \”brother sun, what\’s the matter with you? But you were hurt by these two evil demons?\” \”shut up! These two people are the great heroes who forced Jiang bieshu and the blood devil back. You only knew women and didn\’t care about brothers. Did you ever think of the consequences?\” Sun rukong was fierce in both voice and expression. When he mentioned this, Tong Yu was full of guilt. Later, he realized how rash he was and almost missed a big event. Sun rukong scolded and calmed down: \”it\’s troubled times. I know your friendship for Jin Wenjun, but since she is dead, you shouldn\’t be bound by the dead.\” Tong Yu bowed his head. \”Where is she now?\” sun rukong asked. \”I\’ve been chasing for half a mile before, and I\’ve just left.\” Tong Yu said. Sun rukong frowned. \”It should be called away by Jiang bieshu.\” chapter 564 recovers from the injury. \”Jiang bieshu? By the way, where is Jiang bieshu?\” Tong Yuhuan glanced around. \”It\’s gone.\” sun rukong said, coughing violently, and his face became more and more gray. \”Brother sun, are you all right?\” Tong Yu was nervous. \”It doesn\’t matter. You should remember that they are not evil demons, but great heroes who can win tonight. You go to help monk Mingjing first, but set up a Dharma array to prevent Jiang bieshu from killing another horse gun.\” Sun rukong commanded. Although Tong Yu was full of fog, he had no doubt about sun rukong\’s words. He looked at Fang Yang and left immediately.

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