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You don\’t have to worry about it. I\’m her mother. It\’s right to help her keep her belongings, and how to deal with it. Qian said indifferently.

Hiss! Zhang XingKong\’s right arm was light. He looked at his left hand with a dull face. The remaining left arm was raised high and fell into the sea. His arm was cut off? How is that possible? Zhang Xinglong was stunned and frightened. At this time, he was urging his Dharma phase. With the help of the lizard dragon body protection, his arms were covered with dragon scales. How powerful his defense was. Coupled with the blessing of evil spirit, even if Lu 28 comes again, Zhang Xinglong has the confidence not to lose him. Now, he has been cut off by a sword? Who? He looked straight ahead, and a light voice sounded in his ear. \”You deserve to die if you take refuge in evil spirits.\” the voice fell, and the boundless sword Qi surged in front of you, swallowing Zhang Xinglong in an instant. Zhang Xinglong howled miserably, but he couldn\’t resist the slightest bit. The sword light swallowed up. After it dispersed, Zhang Xinglong\’s body had long been wiped out. Kill with one sword! Seeing such a scene, both evil spirits and martial artists were shocked. The warriors looked carefully. Although they didn\’t know what happened, this sword light was the best beauty of identity. \”Fang Yang! It\’s Fang Yang who shot!\” \”Fang Yang finally came out. Brothers, what are you waiting for to kill his mother\’s evil spirit!\” \”give the master to Fang Yang, and these sundries are ours!\” after Zhang Xinglong shot, some martial artists who were afraid of panic were determined to see Fang Yang appear, so they rushed up again. Fang Yang killed Zhang Xinglong with a sword. His face was calm and his body was in constant shape. He rushed up again and ran directly into the five evil generals behind him. The blade of the nine palace sword in his hand floated and swept out, including five people. \”You\’re Fang Yang? It\’s too arrogant!\” you think you\’re invincible when you kill Zhang Xinglong. Dare to rush over and die! \”All five people were angry, but they didn\’t dare to be careless when Fang Yang killed Zhang Xinglong. All of them were full of Dharma.

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