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After all, zhao\’er has always hated cowardice. Indeed, the Empress Dowager glanced at emperor Cheng Yuan and saw that he was staring at Shen Ling tightly. His face was heavy and was about to come out of the water.

\”Can\’t get in? Why?\” \”now Tianyan city is completely under martial law. Don\’t you know what happened to the assassination half a month ago?\” \”Oh! I heard it. It seems that some forces against the Longyuan dynasty did it. There was a big war in Tianyan city. It\’s said that King Yan did it himself.\” \”It\’s not true! More than a thousand soldiers died in that battle, but they still suffered a heavy blow to the rebel forces. It\’s said that the leaders were caught. Since then, Tianyan city has been completely martial law and can only go out and can\’t go in. We not only dispatched more than 5000 soldiers to guard there, but also heard that the Longyuan Dynasty sent three gold armor generals to suppress it.\” \”Darling, what a big hand.\” Hearing these words, Fang Yang frowned. Both the Longyuan Dynasty and the ice sea Dynasty are very important to this action. With so many experts, their action is not so easy. But no matter what happens, Shui qianrou must be saved! Although Fang Yang has no experience of fighting with the golden armor general, he passed the silver The strength of a general can also be estimated. I\’m afraid those who can have the golden armor level are at least the top 100 levels above the Dragon list. The top 100 and the following are different levels, and such strength is enough to shock the world. There is no problem for three top 100 martial artists to sweep an ordinary martial artist. However, the main characters are Jiang Tianyan and long list The existence of the top ten levels must not be underestimated. Three days passed in a flash. After that, Wang Shanming\’s voice came from the sound bell in Fang Yang\’s hand. \”Gathering in the Qingyun building.\” So Fang Yang asked Qiu Feng to inform Xu Zhen and others and went to Qingyun building together. Inside Qingyun building, the other two teams had arrived. Seeing that everyone came together, Wang Shanming looked and said, \”your three captains come with me.\” Liao Fan, Hao Shenglong and Fang Yang stepped forward together. Wang Shanming hesitated and added, \”Xu Zhen, you come too.\” When he said this, it was obvious that he didn\’t trust Fang Yang. Although Fang Yang was the captain of the seventh team, he didn\’t have any appeal at all. For such a key task, he always had to find a reliable talent. A burst of snickering came from behind.

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