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Among them, he specially mentioned that Miss Shen didn\’t want the luxurious white jade hairpin, but only chose the most common one to wear.

Chapter 746 Fang Yang\’s cooperation Fang Yang\’s body fell slowly. A few miles away, he had already felt the scene of the sword wind tribe here, and Bi long Jun Wansen could not escape his exploration. Looking from a distance, Fang Yang was also curious when he saw the silent posture of Bilong Jun. The other party\’s appearance is not like fighting with himself, but like waiting for himself for a long time. But he not only had no friendship with Bilong Jun, but also had a fight. If he was really waiting for himself, what was it for? On second thought, Fang Yang was not afraid at all. He flew down gracefully and went directly into the tribal stronghold. He looked around and looked at the original clean stronghold. At this time, he was also a little surprised. Bilong Jun is obviously good at controlling the power of trees. You can see his extraordinary from the scene here. It\’s really not easy to make the stronghold look like this at will. \”You finally came.\” Wansen stood up and saw Fang Yang with solemn eyes. There was a kind of anger in his eyes. When he saw Fang Yang up and down, he had a feeling of examination. Fang Yang also looked at Wansen. As the first general of the original Senyang Dynasty, Wansen\’s own strength is beyond doubt, and he is also the older generation of the unity of heaven and man. However, above his strength, what is more amazing is his perseverance. Wansen\’s whole body seems to be shrouded in a layer of blood cutting, which will burst out when he raises his hands and feet. \”Are you waiting for me?\” Fang Yang asked. \”Good,\” said Wansen. \”I don\’t remember what friendship I have with you, or are you waiting for me to play?\” when hearing Fang Yang\’s words, Wansen\’s mouth slightly ticked: \”I need a collaborator.\” \”cooperation?\” Fang Yang was stunned and looked at him suspiciously, \”What do you need to cooperate with? You are the Dragon King of the great Longyuan Dynasty. You are already the top in leilin mainland in terms of status and strength. If you want to cooperate, someone else is looking for you.\” \”Dragon King.\” Wansen laughed at himself. His face sank slightly and his eyes were cold: \”You should know that the Dragon King is not such a simple thing. Of course, the dragon Yuan can get powerful power, but not everyone can use it.\” mentioned this, Fang Yang\’s mind also suddenly recalled the Dragon pupil he had seen between the gaps in the day, and the pupil shrank.

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