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Empress Dowager Yang looked at zhao\’er\’s complete indifference to Cheng Xin, and knew that he had no feelings for her. The reason why she still depended on her now was that she didn\’t want to talk to her. I don\’t even care about these rumors.

At this time, in the thunder force, a small white light mass is pregnant, just like a small fetus. At this time, under the strong thunder force around, it is constantly growing. The white light is dense. Now I can\’t see what\’s inside, but I can vaguely see a small animal shadow with thunder light. It\’s undoubtedly Lei Qilin! Lei Qilin, a different species of Lei Qilin from heaven and earth, is naturally raised. Once this Lei Qilin gathers the thunder power around it and condenses its real body, the lethality it can cause must be extremely terrible! When she was still with her, Lei Qilin was the weakest. Only by killing Lei Qilin during this period of time can we ensure safety. Otherwise, I\’m afraid the next thing to face is the anger of this divine beast! At this time, in the cave of the mountain pass, Fang Yang was moving forward quickly. In the dark passage, he was as fast as nothing. After meeting the previous thunder bug, he encountered several attacks in succession. Because the most pure thunder force is diffused in this mountain pass, there are many species containing thunder force here. Some of them are also extremely difficult to deal with. Just like the thunder tiger he met earlier, a person can control the thunder vortex to rotate around. Even Fang Yang\’s blade may not be able to hurt it. Instead, he is frequently hit by its lightning power, which makes Fang Yang feel uncomfortable all over the body. Finally, he used the dragon power in his body to kill the big guy. It is worth mentioning that the thunder force contained in the species is extremely pure and thick. After being killed by Fang Yang, the thunder force enters the body, which greatly enhances Fang Yang\’s own strength. In the process of walking and killing all the way, the thunder power in his body gradually increased and was completely integrated with Yin and Yang Xuanqi. This integration will not make Lei Li become a school of its own, but will make Lei Li\’s power play incisively and vividly. Once Fang Yang uses Yin and Yang Xuanqi, his thunder power also flows out immediately. As long as he is hit by this attack, it\’s not fun. Along the way, Fang Yang also gradually went to the depths. Finally, I didn\’t know how long I had been walking. In front of me, there was an end. A stone wall stood in front of me, blocking Fang Yang\’s way. If it had been before, Fang Yang probably thought he had chosen a dead end and couldn\’t go to the end at all, but at this time, Fang Yang, who had plenty of thunder power in his body, could clearly feel the wave of lightning behind the stone wall. Found the target! The place he wants to go is behind the stone wall! Fang Yang\’s eyes are bright. The next thing to do is to smash the stone wall! As soon as the stone wall opened, he could really enter the bottom of the mountain pass and contact Lei Qilin. Thinking of this, Fang Yang cut off the nine palace sword in his hand without hesitation. At this point, it\’s impossible to say that you want to shrink back. Even if you know that Lei Qilin is very powerful in front of you, it must not be that way to win

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