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I Shen Ling has not promised a few words.

\”At noon today, the mine will talk about raising funds to build a house. If you want to go, don\’t forget.\” Zhang Xuewen suddenly remembered it and said to Li Siyu. Li Siyu nodded, \”OK, deputy director Zhang.\” it has been prepared for two months. It\’s time to start building a house. If it goes well, it is estimated that you can live in it in autumn. Li Siyu is still looking forward to it. At noon, everyone in the mine went to the big square, on which a small platform was built. Mine director Han said something about the situation and specific things. Everyone has a heated discussion below. Li Siyu stood outside and looked at those people very happy. He was also very happy. After talking about everything, everyone went to sign up and pay. This time, the comrades of the accounting office and the factory committee were collecting the money, and then the money was taken away by director Han and deputy director Zhang. After all, this time you may have to charge a lot of money. If you don\’t take it away in time, you may leave hidden dangers. Li Siyu lined up with the big army, which was Chang Xueqin\’s team. Hao Jianhong didn\’t deal with her, so she didn\’t want to see her face. She didn\’t know anyone else, so she went to Chang Xueqin\’s team. \”You are young and a little girl. Why did you come to rob us of the house?\” someone suddenly spoke behind you in a particularly bad tone. Li Siyu was stunned for a moment, turned his head and looked at it. He was actually talking to her. The speaker was a woman in her forties, with single eyelids, slender eyes and spots on her face. It seemed that she was doing hard work. Because her clothes are all black coal ash, only physical work will be so embarrassed. \”You talk to me?\” Li Siyu opened his mouth coldly and looked at her unkindly. Because this woman is relatively short, it puts a lot of pressure on women.

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