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When Pearl saw this, she was smart and immediately noticed Shen Ling\’s worry. Isn\’t Miss Shen worried about her future situation in the palace?

When Lin Cheng heard her say this again, he hurriedly said, \”look at you. If you say this again, you don\’t want to play and I\’ll pull you down?\” chapter 122 earn money for you. Li Siyu glanced at him faintly. What\’s in the boy\’s mind? What do you mean playing with him? \”Why do you think so?\” is she that kind of person? Lin Cheng was very wronged when he saw her calm appearance. People are shy with little girls. Why is she so calm. Li Siyu: not only calm, but also want to eat melons. \”Aren\’t you going to marry me?\” he asked, taking a deep breath. Li Siyu looked at his lost appearance and was really cruel to \”play with\” him. \”No, but it\’s too early now. Wait until I\’m 20 years old.\” Li Siyu said, frowning. It\’s too early to be twenty! It\’s really annoying. Why tell him the specific time? As soon as Lin Cheng heard that there was a definite time, he was immediately happy. \”OK! Don\’t change your mind!\” he happily went to move the board and made a floor shop in the living room. When Li Siyu came back, he looked at Lin Cheng like a fool and couldn\’t help regretting. She said yes, really? Twenty is also a good age! I want to squander my youth! Lin Cheng stood at the door with a quilt in his arms. Looking at the outside, it was not dark yet. He turned to her and said, \”do you want to stop chatting for a while?\” it was a long night. What a pity to sleep now? Li Siyu is a little speechless, but he also knows that he can\’t sleep now.

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