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The Empress Dowager nodded.

Li Siyu nodded faintly, \”it\’s OK. After all, I\’ve been a secretary. If I can\’t talk, how can I do it now?\” Peng lingman nodded approvingly. Indeed, being a secretary is not only a slip of tongue, but also a quick reaction. Lin Cheng looked deeply at Xu Weinan. He was very good. He dared to provoke his little daughter-in-law and was tired of living. He made up his mind. Lin Cheng stopped seeing Xu Weinan and turned to look at Li Siyu. The little daughter-in-law is so powerful that she can withstand the pressure when she was in the newspaper. Lin Cheng naturally understood group leader Zhou He doesn\’t know anything about asking her to go in. Although Li Siyu\’s approach is impulsive, it is a good way. The winery has been in Baicheng for so many years, and it must have a lot of details. It\’s not easy for leader Zhou to talk about moving the factory. The most important thing is the meaning of the leaders above. What Li Siyu does in the newspaper is to let the leaders above see and let them know They took it seriously. After all, as Li Siyu, with no background, it was impossible to meet the leaders. As for Vice Mayor Cao, she couldn\’t say a few words when she saw him. People were busy every day, how could they listen to a small officer. I think the vice mayor wouldn\’t take care of her such an offensive thing. Lin Cheng thought that since Li Siyu was going to come out, he would accompany her, regardless Well, as long as she wants to do it, he will support it to the end. Li Siyu\’s idea is the same as Lin Cheng\’s. If she goes to see the leaders above, it\’s estimated that people\’s eyelids won\’t give her a lift. This is common sense and normal. After all, every official has some relations. Who wants to meddle in your business? It\’s hard for the official to do it, or it\’s hard to get a salary. Why listen The little officer spoke. So Li Siyu knew himself very well and didn\’t see the leaders or block them. Li Siyu was a little uncertain when he remembered that the winery didn\’t intercept her manuscript and let her continue to publish it. He felt that her ability could not shake them at all. After all, someone came to warn her that day It can be seen that the winery is very arrogant.

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