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She clenched her teeth and then pressed her strength down.

Li Siyu had a class the next morning, so he got up early to go to class and went back to the dormitory in the afternoon. As she walked back, a man came out in front of Li Siyu and stopped her Chapter 254 being stared at \”little sister, why do I think you look so familiar?\” a pockmarked face squinted at her up and down. Li Siyu looked at the pockmarked face and suddenly remembered that this man didn\’t meet in the state-owned hotel that day? At that time, he was beaten half to death by Lincheng. Unexpectedly, the two people went to school in the same school. It was surprisingly disgusting. Pockmarked face looked at her white face for a long time, and then I remembered where I had seen it. \”Good, you smelly bitch! It\’s you!\” he looked around and didn\’t see Lin Cheng. \”Where\’s your date?\” his tone was full of anger, but his eyes were afraid. Li Siyu looked at him and was really afraid? Or you\’ll look like this? \”Why, are you afraid of him?\” Li Siyu began to tease. Pockmarked face suddenly became angry. \”Don\’t think I dare not hit you at school!\” although he said so, he didn\’t do it. This is the school. If he was outside, he would have shouted in the past. Li Siyu thought he didn\’t dare to do anything, so he left with a smile. The pockmarked face was more angry at her attitude, so he caught up with her. At this time, a man appeared in front of pockmarked face and blocked his way. \”You, what are you doing?\” pockmarked face looked at the man who was obviously taller and stronger than him, and felt guilty. \”Leave here.\” Qin Chuan looked at the man in front of him coldly, with cold on his face. Li Siyu looked at Qin Chuan in surprise. Unexpectedly, he would stand out for himself.

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