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Brother Ling, why don\’t you open it on the spot?Yeah, maybe there is good luck. The four people on the side urged.Looking at Shanghai intentionally or unintentionally, whether they can get something is the second thing. Their purpose of doing this is still to disgust the other party.good!The man surnamed Ling smiled and nodded, and he cut his head with a knife on the spot. Although it seemed random, his technique was somewhat measured. Obviously he was a veteran of crystals. After three or two blows, the crystals had been cut off. On the first floor, some white spots were slightly exposed.It\’s white… everyone beside them said in surprise.For those who linger in the gambling house all the year round, being white means that there is something in the crystal. If there is something, there is a certain chance to make a treasure.Unexpectedly, the one I bought at hand turned out to be vain…The man surnamed was ecstatic. Although he gambled a lot, the chance of bleaching was not high. There were only a few occasions. Now the crystals he bought for six hundred high-grade Yuanjing turned bleached. I was surprised, not to mention that I bought it first from a disagreeable \”hammer\”, and then opened it in front of the other party. The other party\’s face is probably already ugly to the extreme.At this time!A group of gamblers also gathered around.It\’s really vain.It\’s a good deal to get six hundred high-grade yuan crystals out of white, this fellow Taoist, can you sell this thing to the next? You are willing to give out a thousand high-grade yuan crystals.I\’m out of one thousand and five.I have a thousand and eight.Many gamblers have made bids. There is a chance that the white crystal will be the treasure. Of course, it is a loss or a profit. No one knows. After all, this is a gambling. The best treasure.Okay, I won\’t sell this thing.The man surnamed Ling waved his hand, and the gamblers on the scene were a bit regretful, but they were not surprised. Looking at the dress of the man surnamed Ling and others, either heirs of major sects or descendants of a family line, there is no shortage of top grades. Yuanjing.Brother Ling, keep cutting.Hurry up. The other four people were also a little uncontrollable, all wanting to see what the crystallization would produce.

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