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How about saying it again? Isn\’t it just a dead person? What\’s all the fuss about. The male servant sneered.

Hearing this, Yuan Tianjue\’s face suddenly smiled, and the original dissatisfaction disappeared. He had never expected that the family of Lingxuanhao would really help him rescue his son. After all, the other party just would Just mention it!But he directly promised that it meant that Yuan Ao would not have much problem with his recovery, and his son would have a chance to recover, so the remaining Yuan Tian would not pursue that much.Seeing that Shanghai did not answer, Ling Xuanhao continued to ask, \”How?\”good!Shanghai nodded.I didn\’t answer before, because he was quite puzzled. What did the other party want to help him over and over again? Is it just because the two are quite similar? He shook his head slightly, and it was impossible to help just by looking alike.Regardless, this is a good thing for Shanghai.At least!There is no need to face Yuan Tianjue this half-holy master.If it is right, even if Shanghai can escape, it will pay a heavy price. Now it is not a bad thing to just take the next out……Seeing nothing about Ling Xuanhao, the person has appeared hundreds of meters away, and at the same time a weird and extremely powerful aura aroused from his body. I saw that his whole body, the originally rigid void, became extremely soft and constantly The distortion.And this change quickly spread to the Baili area.Don’t look at the area covered by it, but the hidden power in this area is extremely terrifying. But everyone\’s faces were still pale.Spiritual skills…Yuan Tianjue’s eyes were full of extreme heat. Even though he was a semi-saint master, he was in this Baili area, and he was affected by the void distortion. Although this influence was not enough to threaten him, it also brought him trouble. Weak sense of oppression.This is the inheritance of the ancient gods, the magical skill passed down by the first generation of gods, and this magical skill can only be displayed and used by the bloodline. In front of the magical skill, the world\’s magic will be completely suppressed, and it is even difficult to exert its power. Come, this is the terrible part of magical skills.Be careful, this is my clan\’s technique of ‘spirituality’. Although I have only achieved a small level, the power is not weak. Ling Xuanhao reminded.The power is not only weak, it is simply amazingly strong, and at the same time, Shanghai has also seen the strength of the other party, which is a respectable king, and also a respectable king of the sky-shaking level. Such characters, if judged by the standards of God\’s Domain, at least Being a quasi-saint-level powerhouse means that this life has a lot of confidence to step into the holy master level, and if the luck is not bad, you can even become the supreme holy master.

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