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You must know that the reason why Ming Yuyan was able to become Tiansha, apart from her shocking aptitude, is also due to her hard work and hard work over the past five years, as well as her unique and unknown trump cards. It is precisely these potential capabilities. It made her climb to the level of the gods in just five years.

A quarter of an hour later!Shanghai was covered with blood. He was already bruised all over his body. After paying a lot of injuries, he finally got rid of this \”self\”.This is only the third layer, and the evolving\’self\’ is so strong, let alone the fourth, fifth, and even the last tenth layer. Shanghai Xindao, the first three layers gave him He has a lot of insights, especially in the understanding of \”shaking skills\”, he has gained a lot.Not in a hurry to step into the fourth floor, Shanghai sat cross-legged, first to recover from his injury, and second to realize what he had gained before. These things are extremely precious, no one can teach them, and they can only rely on themselves through constant battles. Realize.After a while, Shanghai opened his eyes, his eyes gleaming with a faint joy, \”\’Zhen Ji\’ finally passed Xiaocheng…\”After Xiaocheng, it is not necessary to directly step into Dacheng, but there is only a short distance from Dacheng. He estimates that it will not take long before he can step into the realm of Dacheng.The only regret is that although the two basic magic skills of explosive and flash have achieved great results, they do not have much insight. It is too difficult to cultivate to the realm. Shanghai estimates that it will not be achieved in a short time. He didn\’t think about it at all, but concentrated on improving his \”shaking skills.\”The fourth floor!Shanghai\’s injury has almost recovered, and the state has been adjusted to the peak. Here, like the third layer, an \”self\” is in front.Just as Shanghai was preparing to take a shot,\’Self\’ slowly turned his head and stared at Shanghai, \”You are very good, but you are not my opponent.\”You can talk? ShanghaiSlightly surprised.Of course, what you know, I know what I understand, and what I know, you may not understand. The first three levels are the self\”, and the fourth to sixth levels are the \”self\”, so even I also know what you are thinking about now. For example, you want to shoot me directly with a great explosive technique.\” The \”self\” said blankly.hiss……Shanghai took a breath.This \”intrinsic self\” is really extraordinary. It\’s no wonder that most of the disciples of the spirits and gods cannot pass the fourth level, have consciousness, and know their next plans. For any cultivator, such an opponent, They are all nightmarish existences.What you know, I may not understand?Shanghai stared at the other person, and he could be sure that this \”self\” was more mysterious and powerful than the first three levels of \”self\”.The \”self\” didn\’t speak, but waved casually.The void was torn apart, and the jagged gap was one foot long, and what was even more shocking was that the gap could not heal for a long time.

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